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ABDELLAOUI, Okba and AZZAOUI, OMAR (2013): ظاهرة التكتلات الاقتصادية وإشكالية الأزمات الرأسمالية دراسة تحليلية لأثر التكتلات كقوة ممانعة وكمعبر للتدويل. Published in: journal of economic and financial studies No. 6 (31 December 2013): pp. 77-95.

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albagoury, samar and Anber, Mahmoud (2018): COMESA-EAC-SADC trepertite free trade area: challenges and prospects.


BLINOV, Sergey (2014): Причины британской промышленной революции.

BLINOV, Sergey (2014): Causes of the British Industrial Revolution.

Bagir, Yusuf (2017): Impact of the Presence of Foreign Missions on Trade: Evidence from Turkey.

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Bakari, Sayef (2016): Impact of Exports and Imports on Economic Growth in Canada: Empirical Analysis Based on Causality.

Bakari, Sayef (2021): Reinvest the relationship between exports and economic growth in African countries: New insights from innovative econometric methods.

Bakari, Sayef (2017): The Three-Way Linkages between Export, Import and Economic Growth: New Evidence from Tunisia.

Bakari, Sayef (2017): Trade and Economic Growth in Germany.

Bakari, Sayef and El Weriemmi, Malek and Mabrouki, Mohamed (2022): The Impact of Digitalization and Trade Openness on Economic Growth: New Evidence from Richest Asian Countries.

Bakari, Sayef and Fakraoui, Nissar and Sofien, Tiba (2019): Domestic Investment, Export, Import and Economic Growth in Brazil: An Application of Vector Error Correction Model.

Bakari, Sayef and Fakraoui, Nissar and Tiba, Sofien (2019): Domestic Investment, Export, Import and Economic Growth in Brazil: An Application of Vector Error Correction Model.

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Beja, Edsel Jr. (2010): Do international remittances cause Dutch disease?

Beja, Edsel Jr. (2009): Things are different when you open up: Economic openness, domestic economy, and income.

Beltramo, Theresa (2010): Changes in Bilateral Trade Costs between European Union Member States & Major Trading Partners: An Empirical Analysis from 1989 - 2006.

Benner, Maximilian (2012): How to Save Greece? A Menu for Rebuilding the Greek Economy through Industrial Policy. Published in:

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Besedes, Tibor (2011): The role of NAFTA and returns to scale in export duration.

Besedes, Tibor (2011): The role of NAFTA and returns to scale in export duration.

Blyde, Juan (2016): Exports and Labor Skills: The Role of Training.

Blyde, Juan (2010): Paving the road to export: the trade impacts of domestic transport costs and road quality.

Blyde, Juan and Iberti, Gonzalo and Mussini, Micaela (2015): When does Innovation Matter for Exporting?

Blyde, Juan and Molina, Danielken (2013): Logistics Infrastructure and the International Location of Fragmented Production.

Blyde, Juan and Santamaria, Julieth (2013): The Performance of Plants Inserted in Global Supply Chains: A Look at Vertically-Linked Affiliates.

Blyde, Juan and Santamaria, Julieth (2013): Sharpen your skills: the impact of training employees on backward linkages.

Bolatto, Stefano and Sbracia, Massimo (2014): Deconstructing the Gains from Trade: Selection of Industries vs. Reallocation of Workers.

Borin, Alessandro and Lamieri, Marco (2007): Estimating Product Quality in International Trade.

Bouras, Hela (2008): IMPACT DE LA POLITIQUE D'OUVERTURE SUR L’ÉQUILIBRE COMMERCIAL. Published in: Revue Tunisienne des Sciences Économiques et de Gestion.

Bouras, Hela and Sossi Alaoui, Fatima Zorha and Fekih Soussi, Boutaïna and Machrafi, Mustapha (2014): Performance des Télécommunications, Qualité institutionnelle et IDE en Afrique du Nord: CAS du MAROC et la TUNISIE. Published in: Revue Marocaine des Etudes Africaines No. 1 (1 July 2014)

Brito Romero, Marycris and Peguero, Anadel G. and Cruz-Rodríguez, Alexis (2020): ¿Hay evidencias de déficits gemelos en la economía dominicana?

Brunel, Claire and Zylkin, Thomas (2021): Do Cross-border Patents Promote Trade?

Buonanno, Paolo and Durante, Ruben and Prarolo, Giovanni and Vanin, Paolo (2011): On the historical and geographic origins of the Sicilian mafia.

Burgoa, Rodrigo (2011): Consecuencias económicas del enclaustramiento marítimo sobre las exportaciones bolivianas. Forthcoming in:

Bussière, Matthieu and Lopez, Claude and Tille, Cédric (2013): Currency Crises in Reverse: Do Large Real Exchange Rate Appreciations Matter for Growth?

Bussière, Matthieu and Lopez, Claude and Tille, Cédric (2014): Do Real Exchange Rate Appreciations Matter for Growth?

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