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-, Farnazia (2023): Customer's Preferences about Mobile Phones: Nokia, Samsung, and Ericsson.

-, Yaman (2023): Feasibility of a Leather Manufacturing Unit.


Abdul Karim, Madiha (2023): The Recommended Strategies for Pakistan to Avail the Advantage of Textile Quota Free Regime in Exports.

Abdulwahab Mohammed, Sana (2023): Aligning Leadership Styles for Effective Knowledge Management in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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Alim, Wajid and Ali, Amjad and Farid, Maryiam (2021): The Impact of Islamic Portfolio on Risk and Return.

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ayub, syahiadmah (2017): Risk and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Bumi Armada Berhad.


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Calvo Fuentes, Maria Alejandra and Ponce Ponce, Citlaly Nohemi and Juarez Lugo, Kassandra Cristina (2020): Compétitivité des entreprise un examen théorique.

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Elasrag, Hussein (2015): Corporate Social Responsibility: An Islamic Perspective. Published in: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Elasrag, Hussein (2015): Corporate social responsibility in Islam.

Elasrag, Hussein (2016): Halal Industry : Key Challenges and Opportunities.

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