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Agovino, Massimiliano (2013): Do “good neighbors” enhance regional performances in including disabled people in the labour market? A spatial Markov chain approach.

Agovino, Massimiliano and Ferrara, Maria (2015): Can civilian disability pensions overcome the poverty issue? A DSGE analysis for Italian data.

Agovino, Massimiliano and Ferrara, Maria (2015): Disabilità e povertà: il ruolo delle pensioni di invalidità civile. Un'analisi DSGE per i dati italiani.

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Alonso-Ortiz, Jorge (2010): Social security and retirement across the OECD.

Aristovnik, Aleksander and Jaklič, Ksenja (2013): Job Satisfaction of Older Workers as a Factor of Promoting Labour Market Participation in the EU: The Case of Slovenia. Published in: Croatian Journal of Social Policy , Vol. 20, No. 2 (August 2013): pp. 123-148.


Bakshi, Sanjeev and Pathak, Prasanta (2006): Living arrangements of older adults in India: reduced forms for co-residence model.

Bakshi, Sanjeev and Pathak, Prasanta (2010): Who works at older ages? the correlates of economic activity and temporal changes in their effects: evidences from India.

Bande, Roberto and López-Mourelo, Elva (2014): The impact of worker’s age on the consequences of occupational accidents: empirical evidence using Spanish data.

Barthel, Jens (2008): Can age discrimination be justified with a lower productivity of older workers?

Bassetti, Thomas and Rebba, Vincenzo (2015): Getting to the Roots of Long-Term Care Needs: A Regression Tree Analysis.

Beleva, Iskra (2010): Dependent Elderly and Gender Equality in Bulgaria. Published in:

Bertranou, Fabio and Cetrángolo, Oscar and Grushka, Oscar and Casanova, Luis (2012): Beyond the privatization and re-nationalisation of the Argentine pension system: coverage, fragmentation, and sustainability.

Biehl, Kai and Fent, Thomas (2007): Vorausschätzungen für die Entwicklung der Gesamtbevölkerung und der Beschäftigung in Österreich bis 2035.

Blake, David (2009): NDC v FDC: Pros, cons and replication.

Böhm, Paul and Merz, Joachim (2008): Zum Einkommensreichtum Älterer in Deutschland- Neue Reichtumskennzahlen und Ergebnisse aus der Lohnund Einkommensteuerstatistik (FAST 2001).


Canegrati, Emanuele (2007): On redistribution effects of public debt amongst single-minded generations.

Canegrati, Emanuele (2006): The Single-Mindedness theory: micro-foundation and applications to social security systems.

Cueto, Begona and Miguel Á., Malo (2014): Do partial disability pensions close the earnings gap?

canegrati, emanuele (2007): The single-mindedness of labor unions when transfers are not Lump-Sum.


Dekkers, Gijs (2010): On the impact of indexation and demographic ageing on inequality among pensioners.

Dekkers, Gijs and Desmet, Raphaël (2011): Taking two to tango: the joint prospective assessment of pension sustainability and adequacy in Belgium.

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Fanti, Luciano and Gori, Luca (2010): Economic growth and stability with public PAYG pensions and private intra-family old-age insurance.

Fanti, Luciano and Gori, Luca (2010): Fertility-related pensions and cyclical instability.

Fanti, Luciano and Gori, Luca (2010): Public expenditure on health and private old-age insurance in an OLG growth model with endogenous fertility: chaotic cycles under perfect foresight.

Fischer, Justina AV (2009): Happiness and age cycles – return to start….

Fischer, Justina AV and Sousa-Poza, Alfonso (2010): The impact of institutions on firms’ rejuvenation policies: Early retirement with severance pay versus simple lay-off. A Cross-European Analysis.


Gasparini, Leonardo and Alejo, Javier and Haimovich, Francisco and Olivieri, Sergio and Tornarolli, Leopoldo (2007): Poverty among the Elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean. Published in: Serie de Documentos de Trabajos del CEDLAS No. 55 (July 2007): pp. 1-81.

Giang, Long Thanh and Pfau, Wade Donald (2009): A Gender Perspective on Elderly Work in Vietnam.

Giang, Thanh Long and Pfau, Wade Donald (2007): The Elderly Population in Vietnam during Economic Transformation: An Overview. Published in: Social Issues Under Economic Transformation and Integration in Vietnam , Vol. 1, (2007): pp. 185-210.

Giang, Thanh Long and Pfau, Wade Donald (2007): Patterns and Determinants of Living Arrangements for the Elderly in Vietnam. Published in: Social Issues Under Economic Transformation and Integration in Vietnam , Vol. 2, (2007): pp. 147-176.

Grech, Aaron George (2006): Elderly poverty in EU25. Published in:

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Guerrazzi, Marco (2014): Workforce ageing and the training propensity of Italian firms: cross-sectional evidence from the INDACO survey.


Heng, Stefab (2009): Age-appropriate information technology on the advance: Putting paid to olden times. Published in: E-conomics No. 74 (29. December 2009)

Husain, Zakir and Ghosh, Saswata (2010): Is health status of elderly worsening in India:A comparison of successive rounds of National Sample Survey data.


Ilmakunnas, Pekka and Ilmakunnas, Seija (2012): Age segregation and hiring of older employees: low mobility revisited.

Ilmakunnas, Pekka and Ilmakunnas, Seija (2006): Gradual retirement and lengthening of working life.

Ilmakunnas, Pekka and Ilmakunnas, Seija (2011): Hiring older employees: Do incentives of early retirement channels matter?


Jellal, Mohamed (2014): Family attention care and transfers.


Karakaya, Güngör (2009): Long-term care: regional disparities in Belgium.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2011): Aktywność ekonomiczna ludzi starych w kontekście badań nad kapitałem społecznym na przykładzie mieszkańców Białegostoku. Published in: Zeszyty naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Ekonomii i Innowacji w Lublinie. Seria: Ekonomia , Vol. 1, No. 3 (2011): pp. 289-311.

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Klimczuk, Andrzej (2010): Bezpieczeństwo ludzi starych w kontekście badań nad kapitałem społecznym na przykładzie mieszkańców Białegostoku. Published in: Zagrożenia w starości i na jej przedpolu (2010): pp. 75-90.

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Klimczuk, Andrzej (2010): Ludzie starzy o swoim wizerunku w mediach. Published in: Kulturowe aspekty struktury społecznej. Fundamenty. Konstrukcje. Fasady (2010): pp. 383-395.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Medialaby w kontekście solidarności pokoleń i wykluczenia robotycznego. Published in: Seniorzy w świecie nowych technologii (2013): pp. 184-215.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2015): Mixed Economy of Welfare Emerging in Poland: Outplacement and Non-Governmental Employment Agencies Examples. Published in: E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies , Vol. 4, No. 2 (May 2015): pp. 110-134.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2011): Nierówności społeczne w kontekście badania kapitału społecznego ludzi starych. Przykład Domu Pomocy Społecznej i Uniwersytetu Trzeciego Wieku w Białymstoku. Published in: Społeczne wymiary starzenia się (2011): pp. 101-117.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2014): Pozarządowe agencje zatrudnienia osób niepełnosprawnych - szanse i wyzwania. Published in: Oblicza społeczeństwa obywatelskiego. Państwo, gospodarka, świat (2014): pp. 297-307.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2014): Raport Desk Research: Polityka społeczna wobec starości i osób starszych w mieście Białystok. Przegląd literatury i dokumentów strategicznych. Published in: (2014)

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2015): Regional Development in an Ageing Society: Overview of Selected Foreign and Polish Recommendations and Practices. Published in: Aktywna starość w perspektywie społeczno-kulturowo-edukacyjnej (2015): pp. 21-50.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2014): Rozwój regionalny wobec starzenia się społeczeństwa. Published in: Starzenie się ludności a solidarność międzypokoleniowa (2014): pp. 149-170.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Solidarność pokoleń w perspektywie strategicznej państwa. Published in: Polityka rodzinna a polityka rynku pracy w kontekście zmian demograficznych (2013): pp. 190-205.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2012): Społeczeństwo wielokulturowe i srebrna gospodarka. Wielokulturowość w kontekście starzenia się ludności. Published in: Społeczeństwo wielokulturowe - nowe wyzwania i zagrożenia (2012): pp. 243-268.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Srebrna gospodarka w dokumentach strategicznych państwa. Published in: Zmieniający się świat. Perspektywa demograficzna, społeczna i gospodarcza (2013): pp. 461-472.

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Klimczuk, Andrzej and Tomczyk, Łukasz (2015): Aging in the Social Space. Published in:

Kuznetsova, Elena and Shchitova, Tatiana (2009): Формирование системы социальной защиты населения омской области: развитие социального обслуживания в 1992-2003 гг. Published in: Омский научный вестник , Vol. 3 (78), (2009): pp. 76-81.


Lelkes, Orsolya (2008): Happiness over the life cycle: exploring age-specific preferences.

Littlewood, Michael (2014): Ageing populations, retirement incomes and public policy: what really matters.

Llerena, Freddy (2012): Determinantes de la fecundidad en el Ecuador.


Mapa, Dennis S. and Bersales, Lisa Grace S. and Albis, Manuel Leonard F. and Daquis, John Carlo P. (2011): Determinants of Poverty in Elderly-Headed Households in the Philippines.

McInness, Melayne and Ozturk, Orgul and McDermott, Suzanne and Mann, Joshua (2007): Predicting Employment Effects of Job Coaching.

Motkuri, Venkatanarayana (2012): Demographic Transition in Andhra Pradesh : Dividend or Burden?

Motkuri, Venkatanarayana and Mishra, Uday Shankar (2013): Rising Mortality Rate in Andhra Pradesh: Towards a demystification.


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Paccagnella, Omar and Garrouste, Christelle (2012): Early-life circumstances and late-life income. Published in: 46TH SCIENTIFIC MEETING OF THE ITALIAN STATISTICAL SOCIETY No. Conference Proceedings (9. May 2012)

Pandey, Manoj K. (2008): Ageing, marital status and its health implications: evidences from India.

Pandey, Manoj K. (2008): Association between marital status and health: examining the role of age and gender.

Pandey, Manoj K. (2009): Labor force participation among Indian elderly: does health matter?

Pandey, Manoj K. (2009): On ageing, health and poverty in rural India.

Pandey, Manoj K. (2009): Poverty and disability among Indian elderly: evidence from household survey.

Parodi, Giuliana and Sciulli, Dario (2010): Disability and Low Income Persistence in Italian Households.

Parodi, Giuliana and Sciulli, Dario (2012): Disability and Social Exclusion Dynamics in Italian Households.

prasad, syam (2007): Life of elderly in India.


Queisser, Monika and Whitehouse, Edward (2005): Pensions at a glance: public policies across OECD countries.


Ranzani, Marco (2006): Social Security and Labour Supply: the Italian 1992 Reform as a Natural Experiment.

Rizzo, Giuseppe (2010): Fertility and pension systems.

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SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Demografia, Occupazione e Produttività in Europa e Us [quarta parte del progetto "Il presente e il futuro del Pay-Go in Italia, Europa e Us"].

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): Demografia, Occupazione e Produttività in Italia e nelle Regioni italiane [terza parte del progetto "Il presente e il futuro del Pay-Go in Italia, Europa e Us"].

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): La demografia dell’Italia e delle Regioni italiane. Uno sguardo alle proiezioni a medio-lungo termine.

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2013): La demografia in Europa e in Us. Uno sguardo alle proiezioni a medio-lungo termine.

SALERNO, Nicola Carmine (2014): La Spesa sanitaria Ssn in Italia e nella Regione Basilicata Ricostruzione e benchmarking con la metodologia Ecofin-Ocse.

Salerno, Nicola Carmine (2013): Pensionamento flessibile e (ri)equilibrio tra generazioni.

Salerno, Nicola Carmine (2013): Un Test sulle Ipotesi delle Proiezioni a medio-lungo termine della Spesa Sanitaria.

Senanayaka, Tharaka Sameera and Kumara, Ajantha Sisira (2012): The Employment Status of the Elderly in Sri Lanka: Patterns and Determinants.

Stefanescu, Razvan and Dumitriu, Ramona and Nistor, Costel (2012): Policies to encourage the employment of people with disabilities: case of Romania. Published in: The Proceedings of the 14th International Conference AFASES - “Scientific Research and Education in the Air Force” 2012 (14. May 2012): pp. 499-504.

Sugawara, Shinya (2012): A nonparametric Bayesian approach for counterfactual prediction with an application to the Japanese private nursing home market.


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Wildman, John and McMeekin, Peter (2014): Health care and social care: complements, substitutes and attributes.

Willmore, Larry (2014): Old age pensions in Mexico: Toward universal coverage.


Yukawa, Shiho (2012): 女性の賃金が親への介護行動に与える影響.


Zou, Tieding (2013): 公平与效率的两难抉择——关于养老改革影响因素的一个文献综述.

Zou, Tieding and Ye, Hang (2013): 养老保险体制改革——基于运行效率与分配公平的两难抉择.


Échevin, Damien (2009): Employment and Education Discrimination against Disabled Persons in Cape Verde.

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