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ABALO, Kodzovi (2012): Child labor in agricultural households in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali: test of the luxury axiom by a fuzzy sets theory approach.

ABALO, Kodzovi (2012): Child labor in agricultural households in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali: test of the luxury axiom by a fuzzy sets theory approach.

ANDRIANADY, Josué R. and Randriamifidy, Fitiavana M. and Ranaivoson, Michel H. P. and Steffanie, Thierry Miora (2023): Econometric Analysis and Forecasting of Madagascar’s Economy: An ARIMAX Approach.

ATOI, VICTOR NGOZI (PhD) (2023): Assessing the Drivers of Steady State Economic Growth in Nigeria.

Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2016): Bias Correction Methods for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects.

Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2016): Bias Correction Methods for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects. Published in: MJ Journal on Statistics and Probability , Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2016): pp. 37-51.

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Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2015): How to Create a Monte Carlo Simulation Study using R: with Applications on Econometric Models.

Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2015): R-Codes to Calculate GMM Estimations for Dynamic Panel Data Models. Forthcoming in: : pp. 1-6.

Abosedra, Salah and Shahbaz, Muhammad and Nawaz, Kishwar (2015): Modeling Causality between Financial Deepening and Poverty Reduction in Egypt.

Adeabah, David and Asongu, Simplice and Andoh, Charles (2020): Remittances, ICT and Pension Income Coverage: The International Evidence.

Ahmed, Vaqar and O' Donoghue, Cathal (2007): CGE-Microsimulation Modelling: A Survey.

Aknouche, Abdelhakim and Almohaimeed, Bader and Dimitrakopoulos, Stefanos (2020): Periodic autoregressive conditional duration.

Aknouche, Abdelhakim and Dimitrakopoulos, Stefanos (2020): On an integer-valued stochastic intensity model for time series of counts.

Aknouche, Abdelhakim and Francq, Christian (2018): Count and duration time series with equal conditional stochastic and mean orders.

Al Janabi, Mazin A.M. and Arreola Hernandez, Jose and Berger, Theo and Nguyen, Duc Khuong (2016): Multivariate dependence and portfolio optimization algorithms under illiquid market scenarios. Published in: European Journal of Operational Research , Vol. 259, No. 3 (2017): pp. 1121-1131.

Al-Abdali, Abid (2010): التجارة البينية للدول الاسلامية باستخدام بيانات البانل. Published in: Islamic Economic Studies Journal, IRTI, Islamic Development Bank , Vol. 16, No. 1 (2010): pp. 3-52.

Albers, Scott (2013): Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical.

Albers, Scott (2013): Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works.

Albers, Scott (2014): On the architecture of the rings of Saturn: An “identity” theory of the distribution of gaps within rings.

Albers, Scott (2012): Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises. Published in: Middle East Studies On-line Journal , Vol. Volume, No. Issue 6 (8 August 2011): pp. 199-253.

Albers, Scott (2014): Towards an economic architecture of the rings of Saturn: On the Political Economy Wave, Kaluza’s fifth dimension and an alternative derivation of the Roche Limit.

Albers, Scott (2015): An attitude of complexity: thirteen essays on the nature and construction of reality under the challenge of Zeno's Paradox.

Albers, Scott (2019): An attitude of complexity: thirteen essays on the nature and construction of reality under the challenge of Zeno's Paradox.

Albers, Scott and Albers, Andrew L. (2013): Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works.

Albis, Manuel Leonard F. and Mapa, Dennis S. (2014): Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates in Asymmetric Vector Autoregressive (AVAR) Models.

Alexiou, Constantinos and Tsaliki, Persefoni and Tsoulfidis, Lefteris (2014): Classical Theory of Investment. Panel Cointegration Evidence from Thirteen EU Countries.

Alvi, Mohsin (2014): A Manual for Basic Techniques of Data Analysis and Distribution.

Anastasiou, Dimitrios (2020): Senior bank loan officers' expectations for loan demand: Evidence from the Euro-area.

Anastasiou, Dimitrios and Petralias, Athanassios (2021): On the Construction of a Leading Indicator Based on News Headlines for Predicting Greek Deposit Outflows.

Andrianady, Josué R. (2023): Crunching the Numbers: A Comparison of Econometric Models for GDP Forecasting in Madagascar.

Andrianady, Josué R. and Ranaivoson, Michel H. P. (2023): Dynamiques ´Economiques à Madagascar : Lien entre Croissance, Crises et Stabilité Politique.

Armstrong, J. Scott and Green, Kesten C. and Graefe, Andreas (2014): Golden Rule of Forecasting: Be conservative.

Armstrong, J. Scott and Green, Kesten C. and Soon, Willie (2007): Polar Bear Population Forecasts: A Public-Policy Forecasting Audit.

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Asaduzzaman, Md (2019): FDI as an Opportunity for Economic growth of Bangladesh: A VECM Analysis. Published in: ERN: Other Development Economics: Macroeconomic Issues in Developing Economies (Topic) No. https://ssrn.com/abstract=3498742 (26 December 2019): pp. 1-28.

Asghar, Zahid and Muhammad, Ahmed (2013): Socio-economic Determinants of Household Food Insecurity in Pakistan.


B. da Silva Lopes, Artur C. (2005): Finite sample effects of pure seasonal mean shifts on Dickey-Fuller tests.

BENSALMA, Ahmed (2021): Fractional Dickey-Fuller test with or without prehistorical influence.

BENYOUB, Mohammed (2018): L’impact De L’investissement Des Revenus Pétroliers Sur La Croissance, L’inflation Et Le Chômage : Cas D’Algérie (2000-2015).

BIJOU, MOHAMMED and ELHASSOUNI, MOHAMMED (2016): L’attractivité des investissements directs étrangers Cas de l’industrie manufacturière marocaine.

BUI, LINH and HOANG, HUYEN and BUI, HANG (2015): Estimating the Constant Elasticity of Substitution Function of Rice Production.The case of Vietnam in 2012.

Badunenko, Oleg and Cordero, Jose M. and Kumbhakar, Subal C. (2021): Are you slacking? Where do you and your country stand in the happiness pursuit?

Bakari, Sayef and Sofien, Tiba (2019): Does Agricultural investment still promote economic growth in China? Empirical evidence from ARDL bounds testing model.

Bamikole, Oluwafemi (2013): The Impact of Minimum Wage on Average Earnings in the Caribbean using Two-Selected Countries, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica (1980-2011 and 1997-2011).

Bandyopadhyay, Arindam and Singh, Pratima (2007): Estimating Recovery Rates on Bank’s Historical Loan Loss Data.

Barnett, William and Su, Liting (2017): Financial Firm Production of Inside Monetary and Credit Card Services: An Aggregation Theoretic Approach.

Barnett, William A. and Duzhak, Evgeniya A. (2007): Non-Robust Dynamic Inferences from Macroeconometric Models: Bifurcation Stratification of Confidence Regions. Forthcoming in: Physica A

Bataa, Erdenebat and Park, Cheolbeom (2017): Is the Recent Low Oil Price Attributable to the Shale Revolution?

Bayram, Deniz and Dayé, Modeste (2014): Asymptotic Properties of the Weighted Least Squares Estimator Under Moments Restriction.

Beaumont, Paul and Smallwood, Aaron (2019): Conditional Sum of Squares Estimation of Multiple Frequency Long Memory Models.

Beaumont, Paul and Smallwood, Aaron (2019): Inference for likelihood-based estimators of generalized long-memory processes.

Beja, Edsel Jr. (2016): The asymmetric effects of macroeconomic performance on happiness: Evidence for the EU.

Bellalah, Mondher and Masood, Omar and Thapa, Priya Darshini Pun and Levyne, Olivier and Triki, Rabeb (2012): Economic forces and stock exchange prices: pre and post impacts of global financial recession of 2008. Published in: Journal of Computations & Modelling (2012)

Ben Rejeb, Aymen (2016): Volatility Spillover between Islamic and conventional stock markets: evidence from Quantile Regression analysis.

Benbouziane, Mohamed and Benamar, Abdelhak (2006): The Purchasing Power Parity in The Maghreb Countries : A Nonlinear Perspective.

Bensalma, Ahmed (2018): Two Distinct Seasonally Fractionally Differenced Periodic Processes.

Benzarour, Choukri (2014): صياغة السياسات الاقتصادية الكلية في الجزائر: هل من حاجة إلى الاسترشاد بالنماذج الاقتصادية القياسية؟.

Bilgili, Faik (2000): Forecasting the Macro Targets of Turkish Economy for the Year 2000: An Application of Box-Jenkins and Exponential Smoothing Methods. Published in: Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Journal , Vol. 15, No. 2 (March 2000): pp. 85-99.

Bista, Raghu (2015): Conflict and Internal Displacement in Nepal:Socio-Economic Query. Published in: Journal of South Asian Studies , Vol. 3, No. 3 (3 March 2015): pp. 307-314.

Bond, Derek and Gallagher, Emer and Ramsey, Elaine (2012): A preliminary investigation of northern Ireland's housing market dynamics.

Bonga-Bonga, Lumengo (2017): Fiscal policy, Monetary policy and External imbalances: Cross-country evidence from Africa’s three largest economies (Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt).

Bonga-Bonga, Lumengo and Ahiakpor, Ferdinand (2015): Determinants of Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Ghana.

Bonga-Bonga, Lumengo and Gnagne, Pascal Xavier (2017): The impact of exchange rate volatility on capital flows in BRICS economies.

Bonga-Bonga, Lumengo and Umoetok, Ekerete (2015): The effectiveness of index futures hedging in emerging markets during the crisis period of 2008-2010: Evidence from South Africa.

Brummelhuis, Raymond and Luo, Zhongmin (2018): Arbitrage Opportunities in CDS Term Structure: Theory and Implications for OTC Derivatives.

Brummelhuis, Raymond and Luo, Zhongmin (2019): Bank Net Interest Margin Forecasting and Capital Adequacy Stress Testing by Machine Learning Techniques.

Buda, Rodolphe (1994): La modélisation macroéconomique comme processus de communication : pour une formalisation finaliste des équations de comportement.

Buda, Rodolphe (2001): Les algorithmes de la modélisation : une analyse critique pour la modélisation économique.

Buda, Rodolphe (1999): Quantitative Economic Modeling vs Methodological Individualism ? Published in: Working Paper MODEM , Vol. 00, No. 09 (2000)

Buda, Rodolphe (1995): Robert E. Lucas Jr., Prix Nobel d'Économie 1995.

bailek, Alexandra (2018): Economic Impact Analysis of Hospital Readmission Rate and Service Quality Using Machine Learning. Published in:


Carbajal De Nova, Carolina (2014): Synthetic data: an endogeneity simulation.

Cassim, Lucius (2020): A Residual-based Test For Multicointegration In Models With Structural Breaks And Threshold Adjustment To Steady State.

Castro Souza Junior, Jose Ronaldo and Gross, Daniel and Figueiredo, Lizia (2023): The determinants of economic institutions and the knock-on effects on GDP per capita.

Chang, Jinyuan and Chen, Songxi (2011): On the Approximate Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Diffusion Processes. Published in:

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Charlita de Freitas, Luciano and Euler de Morais, Leonardo and Manuel Baigorri, Carlos (2017): Risk and systemic risk perception in the telecommunications sector in Brazil: an investor perspective assessment.

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Chen, Song Xi and Guo, Bin (2014): Tests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models.

Chen, Song Xi and Lei, Lihua and Tu, Yundong (2014): Functional Coefficient Moving Average Model with Applications to forecasting Chinese CPI. Forthcoming in: Statistica Sinica

Chen, Songxi and Peng, Liang and Yu, Cindy (2013): Parameter Estimation and Model Testing for Markov Processes via Conditional Characteristic Functions. Published in:

Chen, Songxi and Qin, Jing and Tang, Chengyong (2013): Mann-Whitney Test with Adjustments to Pre-treatment Variables for Missing Values and Observational Study. Published in:

Chen, Songxi and Van Keilegom, Ingrid (2012): Estimation in semiparametric models with missing data. Published in:

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Chorus, Caspar (2013): A Generalized Random Regret Minimization Model.

Chow, Sheung Chi (2013): The sustainability of fiscal policy: A group-mean panel estimator approach.

Coble, David and Pincheira, Pablo (2017): Nowcasting Building Permits with Google Trends.

Combey, Adama (2016): Private Consumption in The WAEMU Zone: Does Interest Rate Matter? Published in: Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development , Vol. 22, No. ISSN 2222-1700 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2855 (Online) (December 2016): pp. 211-216.

Corchon, Luis and Marini, Marco A. (2017): Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume I: Theory. An Introduction. Forthcoming in: Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization No. Edward Elgar (1 January 2018)

Corchon, Luis and Marini, Marco A. (2017): Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume II: Applications. An Introduction. Forthcoming in: Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume II: Applications. No. Edward Elgar (1 January 2018)

Costa Junior, Celso Jose (2011): Avaliação de Bancos: Projeção das Demonstrações de Resultado do Exercício (DRE) com Enfoque em Modelos Econométricos. Published in: Revista Eletrônica de Economia da Universidade Estadual de Goiás – UEG , Vol. 7, (December 2011): pp. 87-103.

Cruz, Christopher John and Mapa, Dennis (2013): An Early Warning System for Inflation in the Philippines Using Markov-Switching and Logistic Regression Models.

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DIAF, Sami (2015): Multifractal Random Walk Models: Application to the Algerian Dinar exchange rates.

DIAF, Sami and TOUMACHE, Rachid (2013): Multifractal Analysis of the Algerian Dinar - US Dollar exchange rate.

Daouli, Joan and Demoussis, Michael and Giannakopoulos, Nicholas and Lambropoulou, Nikolitsa (2015): The ins and outs of Greek unemployment in the Great Depression.

Darolles, Serges and Francq, Christian and Laurent, Sébastien (2018): Asymptotics of Cholesky GARCH models and time-varying conditional betas.

Dasgupta, Souvik and Kundu, Amit (2022): Distress Healthcare Financing among Informal-sector Workers: A Study in Purulia District, West Bengal, India. Published in: Vidyasagar University Journal of Economics , Vol. XXVI, No. 1 (19 August 2022): pp. 1-24.

Davis, Brent (2016): “Attitudes to Leadership and Voting: Finding the Efficient Frontier”.

De Siano, Rita and D'Uva, Marcella (2007): A new approach for β-convergence estimation in Italy.

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