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Abdullai, Besim (2012): Automation of e-health systems through mobile devices and semantic technology. Published in: Proceedings of ICEIRD 2012 , Vol. 1, No. 2012 (1. June 2012): pp. 16-26.

Abraham, Vinoj (2010): Regional Skill Supplies and Location of Firms: The Case of Information Technology Industry in India.

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Ali, Muhammad (2008): Connecting People With Disabilities: ICT Opportunities for All.

Ali, Muhammad (2009): Protecting Children in Cyberspace.

Amroush, Fadi (2010): إعداد السياسات الأمنية في الشبكات اللاسلكية. Published in: 16th SCS Scientific Symposium, Networks security

Amroush, Fadi (2009): استخدام تقنيات الذكاء الصنعي لاختيار أمثل نظام إداة علاقات مع الزبائن ملائم لاحتياجات شركة ما. Published in: Master thesis - Faculity of electrical Engineering - No. Computer enfineering DPT

Amroush, Fadi (2008): استخدام الجولات الافتراضية في التعريف عن الآثار. Published in: SCS Symposium on using Informatics in Tourism and Antiquities

Amroush, Fadi and Alkhoder, A.Baderddeen and Yusef, Talal (2008): Moving to E-CRM in Arab world to increase profit, AqsaCRM a case study of Building an Arabic E-CRM. Published in: 1st International Engineering Sciences Conference IESC’08 No. 1 (2. November 2008)

Amroush, Fadi and Baderddeen, Alkhoder and Yusef, Talal (2008): Using Artificial intelligence to select the optimal E-CRM Based business needs. Published in: International Engineering Sciences Conference IESC’08 No. 1st (2. November 0002)

Amroush, Fadi and Bouchi, Amer (2008): مقترح لبناء منهجية الأمن لخدمات بيئة Grid. Published in: 1st International Engineering Sciences Conference IESC’08

Anderson, Steven and Friedman, Daniel and Milam, Garrett and Singh, Nirvikar (2007): Buy it now: A hybrid market institution. Forthcoming in: Journal of Electronic Commerce Research No. unknown

Anderson, Steven and Friedman, Daniel and Milam, Garrett and Singh, Nirvikar (2007): Seller strategies on eBay: Does size matter?

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Armstrong, Mark (2014): Opening Access to Research.

Asuaga, Carolina (2007): Gestión de radios universitarias: Definiendo la Estrategia. Published in: Revista Re-Pesentaciones , Vol. 2, No. 3 (December 2007): pp. 185-196.


Badran, M.F. (2007): What determines broadband uptake in emerging countries? An empirical study. Published in:

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Brandas, Ioan and Brandas, Claudiu (2007): SOME CONSIDERATIONS ABOUT IT OUTSOURCING PROCESS. Published in:

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Bruns, Christian and Himmler, Oliver (2014): A Theory of Political Accountability and Journalism.


Cassimon, Danny and Engelen, Peter-Jan and Yordanov, Vilimir (2011): Compound Real Option Valuation with Phase-Specific Volatility: a Multi-phase Mobile Payments Case Study. Published in: Technovation No. 31 (2011): pp. 240-255.

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Chodak, Grzegorz (2009): Internetowe serwisy porównywania cen – droga do konkurencji doskonałej? Published in: Teoria i praktyka regulacji gospodarczych No. 1 (2009): pp. 195-2008.

Chodak, Grzegorz (2013): Metody dostarczania towarów przez polskie sklepy internetowe – wyniki badań. Published in: Gospodarka Materiałowa & Logistyka No. 6 (June 2013): pp. 21-32.

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Chodak, Grzegorz and Latus, Łukasz (2011): Metody prognozowania popytu i zarządzanie gospodarką magazynową w polskich sklepach internetowych – wyniki badań. Published in: Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka No. 9 (September 2011): pp. 11-18.

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Dias Gomes, Nicolas (2010): Determinantes da pirataria informática na União Europeia a 27, e análise das perdas.

de Rigo, Daniele and Corti, Paolo and Caudullo, Giovanni and McInerney, Daniel and Di Leo, Margherita and San-Miguel-Ayanz, Jesús (2013): Toward open science at the European scale: geospatial semantic array programming for integrated environmental modelling. Forthcoming in: Geophysical Research Abstracts , Vol. 15, (2013)


Engelhardt, Sebastian and Freytag, Andreas and Köllmann, Volker (2012): Wettbewerbspolitischer Handlungsbedarf bei der Verknüpfung von zweiseitigen Märkten im Internet: Der Fall Google.


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Flanders, Sam (2014): Matching Markets with N-Dimensional Preferences.


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González Chapela, Jorge (2014): Disentangling income and price effects in the demand for time online.

Gál, Zoltán (2010): Future Bangalores? The increasing role of Central and Eastern Europe in the global services offshoring market: evidence from trade statistics.


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Havas, Attila (2010): Diversity in firms’ innovation strategies and activities: Main findings of interviews and implications in the context of the Hungarian national.

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