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Arjomandi, Amir and Valadkhani, Abbas and Harvie, Charles (2011): Analysing Productivity Changes Using the Bootstrapped Malmquist Approach: The Case of the Iranian Banking Industry. Published in: Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal , Vol. 5, No. 3 (2011): pp. 35-55.

Agovino, Massimiliano (2013): Do “good neighbors” enhance regional performances in including disabled people in the labour market? A spatial Markov chain approach.

Aguilar, Juan Francisco (2009): Modelo Para El Mejoramiento De La Gestión De Inventarios Del Banco Central Del Ecuador.

Aguirregabiria, Victor and Magesan, Arvind (2013): Euler Equations for the Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural.

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Alfarano, Simone and Lux, Thomas and Wagner, Friedrich (2010): Excess Volatility and Herding in an Artificial Financial Market: Analytical Approach and Estimation.

Anderson, Soren and Laxminarayan, Ramanan and Salant, Stephen W. (2010): Diversify or focus: spending to combat infectious diseases when budgets are tight.

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Aoki, Takaaki (2013): Some Mathematical Properties of the Dynamically Inconsistent Bellman Equation: A Note on the Two-sided Altruism Dynamics.

Arango, Efraín (2014): Curvas de Oferta-Precio No lineales para el caso de preferencias de consumo Cuasi-lineales.

Arango Sánchez, Efraín (2015): Efectos Sustitución y Renta en el caso de preferencias específicas.

Ardia, David and Boudt, Kris and Carl, Peter and Mullen, Katharine M. and Peterson, Brian (2010): Differential Evolution (DEoptim) for Non-Convex Portfolio Optimization.

Ardia, David and Ospina, Juan and Giraldo, Giraldo (2010): Jump-Diffusion Calibration using Differential Evolution.

Ardliansyah, Rifqi (2012): Stock Market Integration and International Portfolio Diversification between U.S. and ASEAN Equity Markets.

Arend, Mario (2007): An Analytical Solution for the Interest Rate Reaction Function in a Neo- Keynesian Economy Using the Undetermined Coefficients Method.

Arif, Shawky (2010): A Simple Model of Capital Imports.

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Athanassoglou, Stergios (2013): Multidimensional welfare rankings.

Athanassoglou, Stergios (2010): Ordinal efficiency under the lens of duality theory.

Augier, Laurent and Soedarmono, Wahyoe (2010): Threshold Effect and Financial Intermediation in Economic Development.

Augier, Laurent and Soedarmono, Wahyoe (2010): Threshold Effect and Financial Intermediation in Economic Development.

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Azar, Ofer H. and Tobol, Yossi (2006): Tipping as a strategic investment in service quality: An optimal-control analysis of repeated interactions in the service industry.

Azar, Ofer H. and Tobol, Yossi (2006): Tipping as a strategic investment in service quality: An optimal-control analysis of repeated interactions in the service industry.


BESSO, Christophe Raoul and Chameni Nembua, Célestin (2013): CONTRAT OPTIMAL EN ZONE MONETAIRE HETEROGENE : Cas de la Zone Franc.

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Barnett, William A. and Eryilmaz, Unal (2012): An analytical and numerical search for bifurcations in open economy New Keynesian models.

Barnett, William A. and Serletis, Apostolos and Serletis, Demitre (2012): Nonlinear and Complex Dynamics in Economics.

Barthel, Jens (2007): Environmental policy in dynamic models with pollution by consumers: The greening and blackening of preferences.

Barthel, Jens (2007): Environmental policy in dynamic models with pollution by consumers: The impact of exogenous shocks and dozy politicians.

Barthel, Jens (2005): Environmental policy in dynamic models: The impact of the elasticity of substitution if consumers pollute.


Batchuluun, Altantsetseg and Luo, Yulei and Young, Eric (2014): Portfolio Choice with Information-Processing Limits.

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Beard, Rodney (2008): End-Point versus Point of Sale Levying of Plant Breeding Royalties: An Economic Analysis using Optimal Control Theory.

Beard, Rodney (2008): A dynamic model of renewable resource harvesting with Bertrand competition.

Bechlioulis, Alexandros and Brissimis, Sophocles (2014): Consumer default and optimal consumption decisions.

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Ben Youssef, Slim and Breton, Michèle and Zaccour, Georges (2011): Cooperating firms in inventive and absorptive research.

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Bhatt Hakhu, Antra (2010): Productive Public Expenditure and Debt Dynamics: a Theoretical Framework based on Intertemporal Optimization.

Bhattacharyya, Surajit and Chatri, Ankit (2012): Efficiency of Indian Commercial Banks: The Post-Reform Experience from Mergers & Acquisitions.

Blake, Andrew P. and Kirsanova, Tatiana (2006): Discretionary Policy and Multiple Equilibria in LQ RE Models.

Bos, Frits and Zwaneveld, Peter (2014): Reële opties en de waarde van flexibiliteit bij natte infrastructuur.

Boyarchenko, Svetlana and Levendorskii, Sergei (2010): Optimal stopping in Levy models, for non-monotone discontinuous payoffs.

Bracalente, Bruno and Polinori, Paolo (2010): L’efficienza tecnico-economica dei servizi pubblici locali: i casi delle farmacie comunali e dei servizi di igiene urbana.

Brams, Steven and Potthoff, Richard (2015): The Paradox of Grading Systems.

Brams, Steven J. and Camilo, Gustavo and Franz, Alexandra D. (2011): Coalition formation in the U.S. Supreme Court: 1969-2009.

Brams, Steven J. and Jones, Michael A. and Klamler, Christian (2011): N-Person cake-cutting: there may be no perfect division.

Brams, Steven J. and Kilgour, D. Marc (2011): When does approval voting make the "right choices"?

Brissimis, Sophocles and Zervopoulos, Panagiotis (2011): Developing a step-by-step effectiveness assessment model for customer-oriented service organizations.

Brock, William and Xepapadeas, Anastasios (2008): General Pattern Formation in Recursive Dynamical Systems Models in Economics.

Brock, William and Xepapadeas, Anastasios (2008): Pattern Formation, Spatial Externalities and Regulation in Coupled Economic-Ecological Systems.

Brown, Adam and Badurdeen, Fazleena (2014): Supply Chain Disruption Management: Review of Issues and Research Directions. Published in: Proceedings of the 2014 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (3. June 2014)

Buer, Tobias and Kopfer, Herbert (2012): A Pareto-metaheuristic for a bi-objective winner determination problem in a combinatorial reverse auction.


Cakir, Murat (2005): Firma Başarısızlığının Dinamiklerinin Belirlenmesinde Makina Öğrenmesi Teknikleri: Ampirik Uygulamalar ve Karşılaştırmalı Analiz.

Casasnovas, Valero L. and Aldanondo, Ana M. (2014): Input aggregation bias in technical efficiency with multiple criteria analysis.

Ceddia, M Graziano (2010): Managing infectious diseases over connected populations: a non-convex optimal control.

Ceparano, Maria Carmela and Quartieri, Federico (2015): Nash equilibrium uniqueness in nice games with isotone best replies.

Cerqueti, Roy and Falbo, Paolo and Pelizzari, Cristian (2010): Relevant States and Memory in Markov Chain Bootstrapping and Simulation.

Chalabi, Yohan and Wuertz, Diethelm (2012): Portfolio optimization based on divergence measures.

Chatelain, Jean-Bernard and Ralf, Kirsten (2014): Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy Rules.

Chatterjee, Sidharta (2011): The Neuroeconomics of Learning and Information Processing; Applying Markov Decision Process.

Chattopadhyay, Siddhartha and Agrawal, Manasi (2015): An Algorithm for Solving Simple Sticky Information New Keynesian DSGE Model.

Chen, Kaihua (2014): Weighted Additive DEA Models Associated with Dataset Standardization Techniques.

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Cheng, Gang and Zervopoulos, Panagiotis (2012): A generalized directional distance function in data envelopment analysis and its application to a cross-country measurement of health efficiency.

Cheng, Gang and Zervopoulos, Panagiotis (2012): A proxy approach to dealing with the infeasibility problem in super-efficiency data envelopment analysis.

Cheng, Gang and Zervopoulos, Panagiotis and Qian, Zhenhua (2011): A variant of radial measure capable of dealing with negative inputs and outputs in data envelopment analysis.

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Corbin, Charles (2014): Assessing Impact of Large-Scale Distributed Residential HVAC Control Optimization on Electricity Grid Operation and Renewable Energy Integration. Published in: (14. May 2014)

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Dai, Darong (2011): Modeling the minimum time needed to economic maturity.

Dai, Darong (2011): Modeling the minimum time needed to economic maturity.

Dai, Darong (2011): Stochastic Versions of Turnpike Theorems in the Sense of Uniform Topology. Forthcoming in: Annals of Economics and Finance

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Diagne, Youssoupha S and Fall, Alsim (2009): La spéculation contribue- t- elle à expliquer la dynamique des prix des produits alimentaires au Sénégal ? Published in:

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Dominique, C-Rene (2014): On Market Economies: How Controllable Constructs Become Complex.

Dubrocard, Anne and Prombo, Michel (2012): International comparison of Environmental performance.

Dubrocard, Anne and Prombo, Michel (2012): Performance environnementale et mesure de la productivité.

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Dziewulski, Pawel (2014): Revealed time-preference.

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d'Albis, Hippolyte and Augeraud-Véron, Emmanuelle and Hupkes, Herman Jan (2014): Stability and Determinacy Conditions for Mixed-type Functional Differential Equations.

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Fafaliou, Irene and Zervopoulos, Panagiotis (2014): Strategy in practice: a quantitative approach to target setting.

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