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ANDREOU, ANDREAS and PARSOPOULOS, KONSTANTINE and VRACHATIS, MICHAEL and Zombanakis, George A. (2003): Optimal Versus Required Defence Spending. Published in: INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS APPLIED TO COMPLICATED DEFENCE PROBLEMS (14 July 2003): pp. 78-117.

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Aguilar-Barceló, José G. (2003): El estado actual de las telecomunicaciones en México: la regulación que no llega. Published in: Revista de Información Comercial Española (ISSN: 0019-977X) No. Número 808 (July 2003): pp. 125-140.

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Allen, Thomas and Gabe, Todd (2003): The economic impact of Biotechnology in New England.

Alrubaie, falah.K.Ali (2003): اتجاهات التحول في النسب والعلاقات الهيكلية في الاقتصاد العراقي خلال الفترة (1975-1990).

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Andreou, Andreas S. and Parsopoulos, Konstantine and Vrachatis, Michael and Zombanakis, George A. (2003): Optimal Versus Required Defence Expenditure Revisited. Published in: Intelligent Information Systems Applied to Complicated Defence Problems (14 July 2003): pp. 105-122.

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Andriansyah, Andriansyah (2003): Model Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Hubungan Dinamis Antara Harga Saham dan Nilai Tukar Rupiah: Penerapan pada IHSG dan Indeks Sektoral di Bursa Efek Jakarta Tahun 1990-2001. Published in: Jurnal Keuangan dan Moneter , Vol. 1, No. 6 (2003): pp. 69-84.

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Aoki, Takaaki (2003): A Simple Model of Speculation- The Welfare Analysis and Some Problems in the Decision Making Theory.

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Arce, Rafael de and Mahia, Ramón (2003): Un Modèle d’Equilibre pour la Determination des Effets Nationaux de la Creation d’une Zone de Libre Echange Agricole Euro-Mediterraneenne. Published in: Femise Reports No. 2003 (December 2003)

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Azar, Ofer H. (2003): The Effect of External Incentives on Profits and Firm-Provided Incentives Strategy. Forthcoming in: Journal of Socio-Economics

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Bachev, Hrabrin (2003): Организация на реализацията на продукцията в българските ферми. Published in: Икономика и управление на селското стопанство , Vol. XLVIII, No. 6 (2003): pp. 13-23.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2003): Организация на снабдяването с финанси в българските ферми. Published in: Икономика и управление на селското стопанство , Vol. XLVIII, No. 5 (2003): pp. 10-21.

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Banzhaf, H. Spencer (2003): Hedonic Pricing in Realistic Urban Structures.

Barajas, Angel (2003): Visión estratégica del negocio del fútbol. La opinión de los presidentes de los clubes de fútbol ingleses que cotizan en Bolsa.

Barakat, Mounther-Hussein and Rao, Ramesh-P (2003): The role of taxes in capital structure: evidence from taxed and non-taxed Arab economies.

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Bouoiyour, jamal (2003): Système National d’Innovation marocain. Published in: CRITIQUE ECONOMIQUE No. n0 9 (2003): pp. 27-54.

Bourjade, Sylvain (2003): Strategic Price Discounting and Rationing in Uniform Price Auctions.

Brack, Estelle (2003): Déterminants du développement du porte-monnaie électronique: Analyse Théorique et empirique: l’exemple Moneo.

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Briceño Avalos, Hernán Ricardo (2003): Tipos de Cambio Cuasi-fijo y Posibilidad de Crisis Financieras: Solarizar o Dolarizar la Economía Peruana?

Broll, Udo and Gilroy, Bernard Michael and Wahl, Jack E. (2003): Information, unternehmensinterne Kommunikation und Risikopolitik.

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Buda, Rodolphe (2003): Plus grande commune nomenclature (PGCN) – élaboration d’une nomenclature de réconciliation pour la constuction de séries longues.

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Christophe, Faugere (2003): A Required Yield Theory of Stock Market Valuation and Treasury Yield Determination. Forthcoming in:

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cavalieri, duccio (2003): On the closure of the monetary circuit.


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