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Abramuszkinova Pavlikova, Eva and Kucerova, Eva and Smidova, Michaela (2008): Periferie zblízka: studie tří periferních obcí a jejich sousedů. Published in: Studie CESES FSV UK , Vol. 2008, No. 1 (January 2008): pp. 9-44.

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Acosta Reveles, Irma Lorena (2008): El enfoque de la nueva ruralidad como eje de las políticas publicas. ¿Qué podemos esperar? Published in: Revista Electrónica Zacatecana sobre Población y Sociedad , Vol. Año 8,, No. Número 32 (June 2008): pp. 1-20.

Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. and Georgios, Kavetsos (2010): Form or Function? The Impact of New Football Stadia on Property Prices in London.

Ahmad, Imtiaz and Shah, Syed Akhter Hussain and Zahid, Muhammad Sarwar (2004): Why The Green Revolution Was Short Run Phenomena In The Development Process Of Pakistan: A Lesson For Future. Published in: Journal of Rural Development & Administration , Vol. 4, No. 35 : pp. 89-104.

Aiello, Francesco and Pupo, Valeria (2009): Capacità di gestione, efficienza istituzionale e impatto dei Fondi Strutturali in Italia.

Aiello, Francesco and Pupo, Valeria (2009): Structural Funds and Economic Divide in Italy.

Alecke, Björn and Mitze, Timo and Untiedt, Gerhard (2010): Regionale Wachstumseffekte der GRW-Förderung?: Eine räumlich-ökonometrische Analyse auf Basis deutscher Arbeitsmarktregionen.

Alexiadis, Stilianos and Eleftheriou, Konstantinos (2010): The ‘Trade-off’ between Spatial Equity and Economic Efficiency Revisited: Evidence from the US States.

Aloysius Gunadi, Brata (2008): Creating New Regions, Improving Regional Welfare Equality?

Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich (2006): The Economic Impact on the Dominican Republic of Baseball Player Exports to the USA.

Antonescu, Daniela (2014): Evaluation of public interventions at regional level; the new evidence for actual programming period.

Antonescu, Daniela (2014): Territorial Pact in context of Europe 2020.

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Apostol, Liviu and Mihai, Florin-Constantin (2011): The process of closing down rural landfills Case study : Neamț county. Published in: Present Environment and Sustainable Development , Vol. 5, No. 2 (2011): pp. 167-174.

Awan, Masood Sarwar and Aslam, Muhammad Amir and Waqas, Muhammad (2012): Social Development Disparities among Districts of Punjab. Forthcoming in: International Greener Journal (2012)


BEN YOUSSEF, Adel and METHAMEM, Raouchen and M'HENNI, Hatem (2009): Disparités régionales et diffusion des TIC en Tunisie. Published in: Revue électronique TIC & Développement (March 2009)

Bachev, Hrabrin (2010): Agro-Ecosystem Services – Governance Needs and Efficiency.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2012): Assessing environmental management in agriculture.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2015): March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident impacts on Japanese agri-food sector.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2013): Natural resources conservation management and strategies in agriculture.

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Benner, Maximilian (2013): Cluster policy in developing countries.

Benner, Maximilian (2012): Clusterwettbewerbe: Eine Option für Entwicklungsländer? Published in:

Benner, Maximilian (2013): From smart specialisation to smart experimentation: Towards a new theoretical framework for EU regional policy. Published in: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie , Vol. 58, No. 1 (March 2014)

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Bin, Peng (2015): Regional Disparity and Dynamic Development of China: a Multidimensional Index.

Bleischwitz, Raimund and Bader, Nikolas and Dannemand, Per and Nygaard, Anne (2008): EU Policies and Cluster Development of Hydrogen Communities. Published in: Bruges european economic research paper No. 14 (December 2008): pp. 1-67.


Bourdin, Sebastien (2010): Repenser le futur de la politique de cohésion européenne pour les pays d’europe centrale et orientale : la prise en compte de l’espace géographique comme piste de recherche. Published in: Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège , Vol. 55, No. Geography (2010): pp. 43-59.

Bourdin, Sebastien and Elissalde, Bernard and Langlois, Patrice and Goya, Dominique (2011): Une approche prospective de la configuration des disparités économiques régionales au sein de l'Union européenne par la modélisation et la simulation. Published in: Cybergeo, European Review of Geography , Vol. 564, No. Geography (15. November 2011): pp. 1-22.

Braha, Dan and Stacey, Blake and Bar-Yam, Yaneer (2011): Corporate competition: A self-organized network. Forthcoming in: Social Networks , Vol. doi:10, No. doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2011.05.004 (2011)

Brata, Aloysius Gunadi (2009): Does Geographic Factors Determine Local Economic Development?

Brie, Mircea and MÉSZÁROS, Edina Lilla (2014): Regionalization and historical–cultural dimension of Northwest Romania. Forthcoming in: Transylvanian Review , Vol. XIX, 1, (2014)

Buda, Rodolphe (2011): Estimation de l'emploi sectoriel par zone d'emploi du 31.12.1989 au 31.12.2010 – Compléments à la série 1998–2007 de l'INSEE.

Buda, Rodolphe (2011): Séries longues d'emploi salarié régional sectoriel français 1967–2006.


Candau, Fabien (2006): The Spatial and Public Economics of Regions, a Theoretical and Empirical Survey.

Capitanio, Fabian and Adinolfi, Felice and Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano (2015): Environmental implications of crop insurance subsidies in Southern Italy. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Environmental Studies (8. August 2015)

Caruntu, Genu Alexandru and Damian, Ion (2010): Supporting Regional and Local Business Development.

Carvalho, Pedro G. (2006): Key Issues on Tourism Strategies. Published in: (2007)

Carvalho, Pedro G. and Sonis, Michael (2007): A Life experiment of development Mountain tourism in Portugal observed from the point of view of theories of Complexity, Complication and Self-organization.

Cebula, Richard and Payne, James (2013): Introduction: Environmental Sustainability Symposium. Published in: American Journal of Economics and Sociology , Vol. 73, No. 2 (15. April 2014): pp. 295-298.

Celińska-Janowicz, Dorota and Herbst, Mikołaj and Płoszaj, Adam and Smętkowski, Maciej (2010): Zmiany sytuacji społeczno-gospodarczej obszaru wsparcia Programu Sąsiedztwa Polska-Białoruś-Ukraina INTERREG IIIA/TACIS CBC 2004-2006 w latach 2004-2008/2009. Published in: (2010): pp. 1-67.

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Cellini, Roberto and Torrisi, Gianpiero (2009): The regional public spending for tourism in Italy: An empirical analysis.

Cellini, Roberto and Torrisi, Gianpiero (2009): The regional public spending for tourism in Italy: an empirical analysis.

Chelaru, Dan-Adrian and Oiste, Ana-Maria and Mihai, Florin-Constantin (2014): Quantifying the changes in landscape configuration using open source GIS. Case study: Bistrita subcarpathian valley. Published in: 14th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference on ECOLOGY, ECONOMICS, EDUCATION AND LEGISLATION SGEM 2014, Conference Proceedings , Vol. 1, : pp. 557-565.

Chelaru, Dan-Adrian and Ursu, Adrian and Mihai, Florin-Constantin (2011): The analysis of agricultural landscape change using GIS techniques. Case study: Podoleni, Romania. Published in: Lucrări Științifice Seria Agronomie , Vol. 54, No. 1 (2011): pp. 73-76.

Christofakis, Manolis and Tsampra, Maria (2011): Opportunities and restrictions for the local-endogenous development in metropolitan areas of high industrial concentration: the case of Thriasio Pedio in Attica. Forthcoming in: Bulletin of Geography - Socio-economic Series

Ciravegna, Luciano (2011): Technological learning in the Silicon Valleys of Latin America. Published in: Journal of Development Studies , Vol. 7, No. 48 (2011)

Ciriaci, Daria (2009): University quality, interregional brain drain and spatial inequality. The case of Italy.

Coppola, Gianluigi and Mazzotta, Fernanda (2005): I sistemi locali del Lavoro in Italia: Aspetti teorici ed empirici. Published in: Quaderni del Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Statistiche di Salerno No. 2 (November 2005): pp. 1-81.

Cunedioglu, Ekrem and Yucel, Eray (2010): Does Mediterranean define an economic region?


D'Acci, Luca (2013): Isobenefit Urbanism and Isotropic Societies for visionary futures.

D'Acci, Luca (2013): A Modern Postmodern Urbanism The Systemic Retroactive game (SyR) between Bottom-up and Top-down.

D'Acci, Luca (2013): Simulating future societies in Isobenefit Cities: social isobenefit scenarios. Forthcoming in: Futures (2013)

DEFFNER, ALEX and METAXAS, THEODORE (2006): Developing Pilot Place Marketing Plans (PPMPs) in North and South Europe: a Methodological Approach.

Daniele, Vittorio (2009): Regional convergence and public spending in Italy. Is there a correlation?

Dax, Thomas (2005): The on-going CAP-reform – incentive for a shift towards rural development activities?

Dax, Thomas (2005): The redefinition of Europe's Less Favoured Areas.

Deffner, Alex and Metaxas, Theodore (2008): What are public relations doing in a ‘place’ like place marketing? a proposed public relations plan (PRP) for the region of Kainuu, Finland.

Destefanis, Sergio (2014): Dualismo e declino nel territorio italiano. Il ruolo delle competenze. Published in: Crescita, investimenti e territorio: il ruolo delle politiche industriali e regionali , Vol. 1, No. 1 (7. January 2014): pp. 83-92.

Dutrénit, Gabriela (2009): Sistemas regionales de innovación: un espacio para el desarrollo de las PYMES. El caso de la industria de maquinados industriales. Published in:

Dwyer, Janet and Clark, Mike and Kirwan, James and Kambites, Carol and Lewis, Nick and Molnarova, Anna and Thompson, Ken and Mantino, Francesco and Tarangioli, Serena and Monteleone, Alessandro and Bolli, Martina and Fagiani, Patrizia and Storti, Daniela and Shiller, Simone and Knickel, Karlheinz and Farmer, Martin and Baldock, David and Bartley, Justin and Hart, Kaley and Keenleyside, Clunie and Trantinova, Marie and Prazan, Jaroslav and Bradley, Dylan (2008): Review of Rural Development Instruments: DG Agri project 2006-G4-10. Final Report. Published in: (7. July 2008)

d'Agostino, Giorgio and Scarlato, Margherita (2011): Innovation, growth and quality of life: a theoretical model and an estimate for the Italian regions.


Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros and Kyriazis, Nicholas (2015): The Greek democratic federations and the European Union’s integration.

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Evers, Hans-Dieter (2011): Knowledge cluster formation as a science policy: lessons learned.

Evers, Hans-Dieter (2011): Penang as a knowledge hub. Published in: Penang Economic Monthly , Vol. 6, No. 11 (1. June 2011): pp. 36-38.


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Filali, Radhouane (2008): Analyse des conditions de l'habitat en Tunisie: une approche par la statistique multivariée.

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Francesco, Mantino (2006): Integrated Rural Development Programmes and Projects: An Assessment of the Italian case.

Funk, Matt (2007): On the Problem of Dependent People: hyperbolic discounting in Atlantic Canadian island jurisdictions.


Garofalo, M.R. and Marra, M (2007): Work-Life Reconciliation Policies From Well-Being To Development: Rethinking EU Gender Mainstreaming.

Ghiurca, Ana-Andreea and Lamasanu, Andreea and Mihai, Florin-Constantin (2012): Rural-urban relations in the context of sustainable development. Case Study: Cuejdiu Valley Basin, Neamt County. Published in: Lucrări Ştiinţifice – seria Agronomie , Vol. 55, No. 2 (2012): pp. 327-330.

Ghiurca, Ana-Andreea and Lamasanu, Andreea and Mihai, Florin-Constantin (2012): The Usage Of Natural Fertilizers - A Practice That Favors The Ecological Agriculture Development In Romania. Published in: Lucrări Științifice Seria Horticultură , Vol. 55, No. 2 (2012): pp. 437-442.

Ghiurca, Ana-Andreea and Lamasanu, Andreea and Mihai, Florin-Constantin (2012): The anthropogenic influence on Cuejdi River water quality. Published in: Lucrări Ştiinţifice – seria Agronomie , Vol. 55, No. 2 (2012): pp. 331-335.

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Hadjinikolov, Dimitar (2014): Кохезионната политика на ЕС и регионалните различия в България. Published in: Европейският съюз на кръстопът No. ISBN 978-954-8702-30-0 (May 2014): pp. 126-137.

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Houba, Harold and Pham Do, Kim Hang and Zhu, Xueqin (2011): Saving the Mekong River Basin. Published in:


Jellal, Said (2012): Essai sur les régions et la décentralisation au Maroc.

Jellal, Said (2012): Essai sur les régions et la décentralisation au Maroc.


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Kayam, Saime Suna and Ecer, Sencer and Gupta, R (2011): Social determinants of intra-regional dispersion of FDI in India.

Keskin, Hidayet and Sungur, Onur (2010): Bölgesel Politika Ekseninde Yaşanan Dönüşüm: Türkiye’de Kalkınma Planlarında Bölgesel Politikaların Değişimi. Published in: SDÜ Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , Vol. 21, (May 2010): pp. 271-293.

Khilji, Bashir Ahmad and Farrukh, Muhammad Umer and Iqbal, Mammona and Hameed, Shahzad (2010): The Impact of Recent Financial Recession on the Banking sector of Pakistan.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2014): Barriers to the Development of Creative Industries in Culturally Diverse Region. Published in: Coactivity: Philosophy, Communication , Vol. 22, No. 2 (2014): pp. 145-152.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Budowa kapitału społecznego ludzi starych w kontekście polityk aktywizacji i aktywnego starzenia się. Published in: Starzenie się i starość w dynamicznie zmieniającym się świecie (2013): pp. 11-24.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Przemysły kultury i kreatywne w regionie zróżnicowanym kulturowo. Bariery i wyzwania z perspektywy polityki regionalnej. Published in: Przemysły kreatywne 2.0.12 (2013): pp. 72-80.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2015): Regional Development in an Ageing Society: Overview of Selected Foreign and Polish Recommendations and Practices. Published in: Aktywna starość w perspektywie społeczno-kulturowo-edukacyjnej (2015): pp. 21-50.

Klimczuk, Andrzej (2014): Rozwój regionalny wobec starzenia się społeczeństwa. Published in: Starzenie się ludności a solidarność międzypokoleniowa (2014): pp. 149-170.

Klimczuk, Andrzej and Klimczuk-Kochańska, Magdalena (2015): Potencjał współpracy transgranicznej podregionu białostocko-suwalskiego. Published in: (2015)

Klimczuk, Andrzej and Klimczuk-Kochańska, Magdalena and Plawgo, Bogusław (2015): Współpraca transgraniczna małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw jako czynnik rozwoju regionalnego. Na przykładzie podregionu białostocko-suwalskiego i podregionu krośnieńsko-przemyskiego w Polsce, obwodu zakarpackiego na Ukrainie oraz obwodu Grodzieńskiego na Białorusi. Published in: (2015)

Klimczuk-Kochańska, Magdalena and Klimczuk, Andrzej (2013): Outplacement - Barriers and Challenges of Implementation by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Poland. Published in:

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