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Abdul Jalil, Ahmad Zafarullah (2009): The importance of precautionary saving motive among Indonesian households. Published in: Journal of Indonesian Economy and Business , Vol. 24, No. 2 (2009): pp. 221-231.

Abdul Razzaq, Khan and Dr. Pervez Ahmed, Pathan and Dr. Abdida, Taherani and Sadia Razzaq, Khan (2011): Capacity of local communities in pre and post disasters situation in coastal area of Pakistan.

Achim, Marian Lucian (2007): Fundamentarea deciziei, obiectiv primordial în realizarea unei economii moderne. Published in: Education and creativity for a knoledge society, "Titu Maiorescu" University , Vol. Educat, No. ISBN: 978-973-569-964-2 (November 2007)

Achim, Marian Lucian (2007): Impactul globalizării asupra riscului şi incertitudinii în economie. Published in: Annals of "Constantin Brancusi" University , Vol. Vol. I, No. nr.1/2007 (2007)

Adriani, Fabrizio and Sonderegger, Silvia (2009): Trust, Introspection, and Market Participation: an Evolutionary Approach.

Aguilar, Juan Francisco (2009): Modelo Para El Mejoramiento De La Gestión De Inventarios Del Banco Central Del Ecuador.

Airinei, Dinu and Homocianu, Daniel and Necula, Sabina-Cristiana (2011): From Web Based to On-Line Decision Support. Published in: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on "Management of Technological Changes" (September 2011): pp. 249-252.

Albici, Mihaela and Belu, Nicoleta and Tenovici, Cristina (2009): Decizii economice in conditii de incertitudine.

Alpanda, Sami and Woglom, Geoffrey (2007): The Case Against Power Utility and a Suggested Alternative: Resurrecting Exponential Utility.

Amroush, Fadi (2009): استخدام تقنيات الذكاء الصنعي لاختيار أمثل نظام إداة علاقات مع الزبائن ملائم لاحتياجات شركة ما. Published in: Master thesis - Faculity of electrical Engineering - No. Computer enfineering DPT

Arkes, Hal and Hirshleifer, David and Jiang, Danling and Lim, Sonya (2007): A Cross-Cultural Study of Reference Point Adaptation: Evidence from the China, Korea, and the US.

Arkes, Hal and Hirshleifer, David and Jiang, Danling and Lim, Sonya (2006): Reference Point Adaptation: Tests in the Domain of Security Trading. Forthcoming in: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (2007)

Armstrong, J. Scott and Green, Kesten C. and Jones, Randall J. and Wright, Malcolm (2008): Predicting elections from politicians’ faces.

Arrieta, Alejandro (2007): A Structural Misclassifcation Model to Estimate the Impact of Physician Incentives on Healthcare Utilization.

Arvesen, Øystein and Medbø, Vegard and Fleten, Stein-Erik and Tomasgard, Asgeir and Westgaard, Sjur (2012): Linepack storage valuation under price uncertainty.

Aryal, Gaurab and Stauber, Ronald (2014): A Note on Kuhn’s Theorem with Ambiguity Averse Players.

Athanassoglou, Stergios and Bosetti, Valentina (2012): Setting environmental policy when experts disagree. Forthcoming in: Environmental and Resource Economics

Azam, Rehan and Muhammad, Danish and Syed Akbar, Suleman (2012): The significance of socioeconomic factors on personal loan decision a study of consumer banking local private banks in Pakistan.

Azrieli, Yaron (2007): Thinking categorically about others: A conjectural equilibrium approach.

Azrieli, Yaron (2007): Thinking categorically about others: A conjectural equilibrium approach.

Azrieli, Yaron and Teper, Roee (2009): Uncertainty aversion and equilibrium existence in games with incomplete information.


Bachev, Hrabrin (2012): Governing Agrarian Risks.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2011): Management of chemical and biological risks in agri-food chain.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2010): Needs, Modes and Efficiency of Economic Organizations and Public Interventions in Agriculture.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2012): Risk Management in Agri-food Chain.

Baldursson, Fridrik M. and Fehr, Nils-Henrik M. von der (2009): Price volatility and risk exposure: on the interaction of quota and product markets.

Bales, Adam and Cohen, Daniel and Handfield, Toby (2013): Decision theory for agents with incomplete preferences. Forthcoming in: Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Bar-Eli, Michael and Azar, Ofer H. and Ritov, Ilana and Keidar-Levin, Yael and Schein, Galit (2005): Action bias among elite soccer goalkeepers: The case of penalty kicks. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Psychology

Barbos, Andrei (2008): A Reference Dependent Representation with Subjective Tastes.

Bell, Peter Newton (2014): Choosing put option parameters based on quantiles from the distribution of portfolio value.

Bell, Peter Newton (2014): Design of Financial Derivatives: Statistical Power does not Ensure Risk Management Power.

Bell, Peter Newton (2014): Properties of time averages in a risk management simulation.

Bell, William Paul (2008): Adaptive interactive profit expectations using small world networks and runtime weighted model averaging. Published in: Biomedical Applications of Micro- and Nanoengineering IV and Complex Systems (Proceedings Volume) , Vol. 7270, (30. December 2008)

Bell, William Paul (2009): Network Averaging: a technique for determining a proxy for the dynamics of networks.

Belu, Nicoleta and Albici, Mihaela (2009): Decizii economice in conditii de risc.

Belu, Nicoleta and Albici, Mihaela and Tenovici, Cristina and Parpandel, Denisa (2009): Decizii economice in conditii certe.

Benoît, Jean-Pierre and Dubra, Juan (2006): The problem of prevention.

Bernard, Carole and Ghossoub, Mario (2009): Static Portfolio Choice under Cumulative Prospect Theory.

Bisin, Alberto and Hyndman, Kyle (2009): Procrastination, self-imposed deadlines and other commitment devices.

Bitros, George C. (2007): The optimal lifetime of assets under uncertainty in the rate of embodied technical change.

Blanchard, Michel and Blanchard, Frederic (2007): Optimism, Pessimism, and the Gains from Trade.

Blanchard, Michel and Peltrault, Frederic (2009): Financial development, International Trade and welfare.

Bocharnikov, Victor and Sveshnikov, Sergey and Voznyak, Stepan and Yuzefovich, Vladimir (2009): Model for revelation of unfriendly information impacts in mass-media which are directed on change of public opinion.

Bogliacino, F and Rampa, G (2009): Monopolistic Competition and New Products: A Conjectural Equilibrium Approach.

Bommier, Antoine and Villeneuve, Bertrand (2008): Risk Aversion and the Value of Risk to Life.

Borys, Paweł and Ciżkowicz, Piotr and Rzońca, Andrzej (2011): Panel data evidence on non-Keynesian efects of fiscal policy in the EU New Member.

Bourjade, Sylvain and Germain, Laurent (2011): Collusion in board of directors.

Boyarchenko, Svetlana and Levendorskii, Sergei (2010): Discounting when income is stochastic and climate change policies.

Boyarchenko, Svetlana and Levendorskii, Sergei (2010): Optimal stopping in Levy models, for non-monotone discontinuous payoffs.

Boyer, Tristan (2002): Gouvernement d'entreprise et décisions d'emploi. Published in:

Brandts, Jordi and Yao, Lan (2010): Ambiguous Information and Market Entry: An Experimental Study.


Cadogan, Godfrey (2010): Asymptotic Theory Of Stochastic Choice Functionals For Prospects With Embedded Comotonic Probability Measures.

Cadogan, Godfrey (2010): Canonical Representation Of Option Prices and Greeks with Implications for Market Timing.

Cadogan, Godfrey (2010): Commutative Prospect Theory and Stopped Behavioral Processes for Fair Gambles.

Cadogan, Godfrey (2010): Commutative Prospect Theory and Stopped Behavioral Processes for Fair Gambles.

Cakir, Murat (2005): Firma Başarısızlığının Dinamiklerinin Belirlenmesinde Makina Öğrenmesi Teknikleri: Ampirik Uygulamalar ve Karşılaştırmalı Analiz.

Caminha-Noronha, J. C. and Marangon-Lima, J. W. and Leite-Ferreira, T. G. and Unsihuay, C. and Zambroni de Souza, A. C. (2006): Optimal Strategies for Investment in Generation of Electric Energy through Real Options.

Caruntu, Genu Alexandru and Romanescu, Marcel Laurentiu (2008): Financial Risk Part of Efficiency Rate Variation Related to Equity.

Carvalho, João and Cruz, Nuno and Cunha Marques, Rui (2010): Local governments opting for PPPs in the schools sector.

Castaneda, Pablo (2006): Long Term Risk Assessment in a Defined Contribution Pension System.

Castaneda, Pablo (2005): Portfolio Choice and Benchmarking: The Case of the Unemployment Insurance Fund in Chile.

Celikay, Ferdi and Gumus, Erdal (2009): Türkiye'de Sağlık Hizmetleri ve Finansmanı. Published in: Eskişehir Osmangazi University Journal of Social Sciences , Vol. 11, No. 1 (2010): pp. 177-216.

Ch'ng, Kean Siang (2007): Evolutionary Concept, Genetic Algorithm and Exhibition Contract in Movie Industry.

Chan, Raymond H. and Clark, Ephraim and Wong, Wing-Keung (2012): On the Third Order Stochastic Dominance for Risk-Averse and Risk-Seeking Investors.

Chatterjee, Sidharta (2011): The Neuroeconomics of Learning and Information Processing; Applying Markov Decision Process.

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Chiny, Faycal (2013): Le Processus d’Investissement En Présence Du Risque : Quel Enchainement Suivre ?

Chodak, Grzegorz (2009): Genetic algorithms in forecasting of Internet shops demand. Published in: Information systems architecture and technology : system analysis in decision aided problems (2009): pp. 59-68.

Chun, So Yeon and Shapiro, Alexander and Uryasev, Stan (2011): Conditional Value-at-Risk and Average Value-at-Risk: Estimation and Asymptotics. Forthcoming in:

Ciżkowicz, Piotr and Rzońca, Andrzej (2010): Inflation and corporate investment in selected OECD countries in the years 1960-2005 – an empirical analysis.

Constantinides, George M. and Jackwerth, Jens Carsten and Perrakis, Stylianos (2007): Option Pricing: Real and Risk-Neutral Distributions. Published in: Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science: Financial Engineering , Vol. 15, : pp. 565-591.

Cosma, Dorin and Cosma, Octavian (2009): Modern Risk Management Strategies for the Romanian State Treasury.

Crosetto, Paolo and Gaudeul, Alexia (2012): Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigation.

Cunningham, Thomas (2013): Biases and Implicit Knowledge.


Da Silva, Sergio and Baldo, Dinora and Matsushita, Raul (2011): Biological correlates of the Allais paradox - updated.

Da Silva, Sergio and Baldo, Dinorá and Matsushita, Raul (2009): Biological correlates of the Allais paradox.

Das, Nimai and Sarker, Debnarayan (2008): Analysis of Risk Behavior of Households: Evidence from Gender Sensitive JFM Programme in West Bengal.

Das, Rituparna (2009): Computing skills in the market risk management in the G-Sec portfolio by the banks in India. Published in: Das R, Handbook of Fixed Income Securities: Indian Banking Perspective, Verlag, 2010, ISBN 978-3639255478

Daskovskiy, Vadim and Kiselyov, Vladimir (2010): Assessment of investment projects on the basis of production efficiency.

Daskovskiy, Vadim and Kiselyov, Vladimir (2010): The phased approach to time value of money in economic analysis of investment projects.

De Marco, Giuseppe and Romaniello, Maria (2010): Beliefs correspondences and equilibria in ambiguous games.

Deffains, Bruno and Langlais, Eric (2008): Legal Interpretative Process and Litigants’ Cognitive Biases.

Diagne, Youssoupha S and Thiaw, Kalidou (2008): Fiscalité et secteur informel au Sénégal. Published in:

Dietrich, Franz and List, Christian (2014): From degrees of belief to beliefs: Lessons from judgment-aggregation theory.

Dillenberger, David (2008): Preferences for One-Shot Resolution of Uncertainty and Allais-Type Behavior.

Dillenberger, David and Sadowski, Philipp (2008): Ashamed to be Selfish.

Dima, Bogdan and Cuzman, Ioan and Dima (Cristea), Stefana Maria and Şărămăt, Otilia (2010): Effects of financial and non-financial information disclosure on prices’ mechanisms for emergent markets: The case of Romanian Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Koundouri, Phoebe (2011): Estimating risk attitudes in conventional and artefactual lab experiments.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Lusk, Jayson (2012): Judging statistical models of individual decision making under risk using in- and out-of-sample criteria.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Lusk, Jayson (2012): Judging statistical models of individual decision making under risk using in- and out-of-sample criteria.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Lusk, Jayson (2012): What Can Multiple Price Lists Really Tell Us about Risk Preferences?

Drichoutis, Andreas and Lusk, Jayson (2012): What can multiple price lists really tell us about risk preferences?

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2012): Do risk and time preferences have biological roots?

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2010): Eliciting risk and time preferences under induced mood states.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2010): Eliciting risk and time preferences under induced mood states.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2010): Eliciting risk and time preferences under induced mood states.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2010): Eliciting risk and time preferences under induced mood states.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2010): Eliciting risk and time preferences under induced mood states.

Drichoutis, Andreas and Nayga, Rodolfo (2013): A reconciliation of time preference elicitation methods.

Dusseldorp, Marc and Beecroft, Richard and Moniz, António (2009): Technology Assessment and Education: Introduction. Published in: TATuP Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis , Vol. 18, No. 3 (December 2009): pp. 4-8.


Eapen, Bell R (2009): Research in Cosmetic Dermatology: Reconciling medicine with business.

Eckel, Catherine and Johnson, Cathleen and Montmarquette, Claude (2012): Human capital investment by the poor: Informing policy with laboratory experiments. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Eisenhuth, Roland and Ewers, Mara (2010): Auctions with Loss Averse Bidders.

El-Shazly, Fawzy A. and Mansour, Mahmoud E. E. and Ahmed, Mousa A. and Shehata, Emad A. (2009): التركيب المحصولى المصرى فى ظل المخاطرة والمتغيرات المحلية والدولية. Published in: Conference Towards Development of New Policies to Promote the Agricultural Sector in Egypt , Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, FAO, CEFRS, & AERI , Vol. 1, No. 1 (4. October 2009): pp. 1-48.

Elfaki, Muawia and Mohamed, Issam A.W. (2011): Economics of Seeding Rate in Crop Yield.

Estrada, Fernando (2014): Argumentación y guerras civiles.

Estrada, Fernando (2012): Asymmetric information and financial markets.

Estrada, Fernando (2014): Diagramas de argumentación y política criminal.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Economics and Rationality of organizations: an approach to the work of Herbert A. Simon.

Estrada, Fernando (2011): Financial crises, asymmetric information and argumentation.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Fragments on the black swan: money, credit and finance in The Arcades Project of Walter Benjamin.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Game theory on strategic communication: an approach from Thomas S. Schelling. Published in: Revista Sociedad y Economía (2013): pp. 1-16.

Estrada, Fernando (2012): Heuristic in the economic: a note on Robert Nozick.

Estrada, Fernando (2004): Lenguaje como estrategia de poder en las guerras civiles.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Money, credit and finance in The Arcades Project. Published in: Social Science Research Network (2013)

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Theory of argumentation in financial markets.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Theory of argumentation in financial markets. Published in: Journal of Advanced Studies in Finance , Vol. Volume, No. Issue I (1) (16. July 2010): pp. 18-23.

Estrada, Fernando (2010): Tipos de argumentación en economía política.


Fernando, Estrada (2010): Sencillez y explicación en la teoría económica.

Fiedeler, Ulrich and Krings, Bettina (2006): Naturalness and Neuronal Implants – Changes in the perception of human beings.

Fleten, Stein-Erik and Bråthen, Espen and Nissen-Meyer, Sigurd-Erik (2010): Evaluation of static hedging strategies for hydropower producers in the Nordic market. Forthcoming in: Journal of Energy Markets , Vol. 3, No. 4 (2010): pp. 1-28.

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Fosgerau, Mogens and Karlström, Anders (2010): The value of reliability. Published in: Transportation Research Part B , Vol. 44, (2010): pp. 38-49.


Galarza, Francisco (2009): Choices under Risk in Rural Peru.

Galarza, Francisco (2010): Experimentos de campo en economía: preferencias en relación al riesgo y demanda por contratos intertemporales en el Perú. Published in: Revista Apuntes No. 66 (2010): pp. 2-31.

Galarza, Francisco (2009): Risk, Credit, and Insurance in Peru: Field Experimental Evidence.

Germani, Anna Rita and Morone, Andrea and Morone, Piergiuseppe and Scaramozzino, Pasquale (2013): Discretionary enforcement and strategic interactions between firms, regulatory agency and justice department: a theoretical and empirical investigation.

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Ghossoub, Mario (2011): Towards a Purely Behavioral Definition of Loss Aversion.

Giammarino, Flavia and Barrieu, Pauline (2011): Indifference pricing with uncertainty averse preferences.

Giocoli, Nicola (2011): From Wald to Savage: homo economicus becomes a Bayesian statistician.

Giordani, Paolo E. and Zamparelli, Luca (2009): On Robust Asymmetric Equilibria in Asymmetric R&D-Driven Growth Economies.

Govori, Arbiana (2012): Measuring and managing the impact of risk on organizations: The Case of Kosovo.

Grassi, Emanuele and Di Cintio, Marco (2012): Uncertainty, flexible labour relations and R&D expenditure.

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Graziano, Mario and Schilirò, Daniele (2012): Rationality and choices in economics: behavioral and evolutionary approaches.

Greco, Salvatore and Rindone, Fabio (2011): The bipolar Choquet integral representation.

Green, Kesten C. and Armstrong, J. Scott (2009): Role thinking: Standing in other people’s shoes to forecast decisions in conflicts.

Green, Kesten C. and Armstrong, J. Scott and Graefe, Andreas (2007): Methods to Elicit Forecasts from Groups: Delphi and Prediction Markets Compared. Forthcoming in: Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting No. Fall

Green, Kesten C. and Armstrong, J. Scott and Graefe, Andreas (2007): Methods to Elicit Forecasts from Groups: Delphi and Prediction Markets Compared. Forthcoming in: Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting No. Fall

Gregg, Matthew T. (2009): Cultural persistence as behavior towards risk: evidence from the North Carolina Cherokees, 1850-1880. Published in: Journal of Income Distribution , Vol. 18, No. 2 (June 2009): pp. 3-15.

Guo, Xu and Post, Thierry and Wong, Wing-Keung and Zhu, Lixing (2013): Moment Conditions for Almost Stochastic Dominance.

Guo, Xu and Wong, Wing-Keung and Zhu, Lixing (2013): Almost Stochastic Dominance and Moments.

Guo, Xu and Wong, Wing-Keung and Zhu, Lixing (2013): Almost Stochastic Dominance and Moments.

Guo, Xu and Wong, Wing-Keung and Zhu, Lixing (2014): Almost Stochastic Dominance for Risk-Averse and Risk-Seeking Investors.

Guo, Xu and Wong, Wing-Keung and Zhu, Lixing (2013): Two-moment decision model for location-scale family with background asset.


Harin, Alexander (2010): Теорема о существовании разрывов в шкале вероятностей.

Harin, Alexander (2010): Теорема о существовании разрывов в шкале вероятностей. Дискретный случай.

Harin, Alexander (2011): Интервальный анализ распределений и разрывы.

Harin, Alexander (2012): О содержании книги "Введение в Суб-Интервальный Анализ и его Приложения".

Harin, Alexander (2014): General correcting formulae for forecasts.

Harin, Alexander (2010): Теорема о существовании разрывов в шкале вероятностей. II.

Harin, Alexander (2014): Is data interpretation in utility and prospect theories unquestionably correct?

Harin, Alexander (2014): Problems of utility and prospect theories. A ”certain-uncertain” inconsistency of the random-lottery incentive system.

Harin, Alexander (2009): Ruptures in the probability scale? Calculation of ruptures’ dimensions.

Harin, Alexander (2006): Scientific Revolution? A Farewell to EconWPA. MPRA is welcome.

Harin, Alexander (2006): Scientific Revolution? A Farewell to EconWPA. MPRA is welcome.

Harin, Alexander (2008): Solution of the Ellsberg paradox by means of the principle of uncertain future.

Harin, Alexander (2011): Theorem of existence of ruptures for mean values on finite numerical segments. Discrete case.

Harin, Alexander (2010): Theorem of existence of ruptures in probability scale. Preliminary short version.

Harin, Alexander (2013): A non-zero dispersion leads to the non-zero bias of mean.

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Heenkkenda, Shirantha (2014): Inequalities in the Financial Inclusion in Sri Lanka: An Assessment of the Functional Financial Literacy.

Heller, Yuval (2009): Justifiable choice.

Heller, Yuval (2009): Justifiable choice.

Hmelnitchi, Carmen and Neamtu, Ion (2009): Quality Management System an ace in the sleeve of the SME to gain competitiveness on the international markets.

Hopfensitz, Astrid (2009): Previous outcomes and reference dependence: A meta study of repeated investment tasks with and without restricted feedback.

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Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Decision Utility Theory: Back to von Neumann, Morgenstern, and Markowitz.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Density Based Regression for Inhomogeneous Data: Application to Lottery Experiments.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2009): The Illusion of Irrationality.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Linking Decision and Time Utilities.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Mean, Median or Mode? A Striking Conclusion From Lottery Experiments.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2010): Multi-Outcome Lotteries: Prospect Theory vs. Relative Utility.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2009): On Mental Transformations.

Kontek, Krzysztof (2009): On mental transformations.

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