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Abdul Karim, Bakri and Abdul Majid, M. Shabri and Abdul Karim, Samsul Ariffin (2009): Financial Integration between Indonesia and Its Major Trading Partners.

Abdul Karim, Zulkefly and Abdul Karim, Bakri (2008): Stock market integration: Malaysia and its major trading partners.

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Abdurrahman, Korkmaz (2012): The transmission process of financial crises across the emerging markets: an alternative consideration.

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Adam, Anokye M. and Tweneboah, George (2008): Do macroeconomic variables play any role in the stock market movement in Ghana?

Adam, Anokye M. and Tweneboah, George (2008): Do macroeconomic variables play any role in the stock market movement in Ghana?

Adawo, Monday A. and Effiong, Ekpeno L. (2013): Monetary exchange rate model as a long-run phenomenon: evidence from Nigeria.

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Aguilar, Juan Francisco (2009): Modelo Para El Mejoramiento De La Gestión De Inventarios Del Banco Central Del Ecuador.

Ahamad, Mazbahul Golam and Tanin, Fahian (2010): Determinants of, and the Relationship between FDI and Economic Growth in Bangladesh.

Ahoniemi, Katja and Lanne, Markku (2007): Joint Modeling of Call and Put Implied Volatility. Published in:

Akpan, Usenobong F. and Chuku, Agbai (2011): Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation in Nigeria: Beyond the Environmental Kuznets Curve. Forthcoming in: Procedings of 2011 Annual Conference of NAEE, Abuja

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Alinsato, Alastaire Sèna (2009): Electricity consumption and GDP in an electricity community: Evidence from bound testing cointegration and Granger-causality tests.

Almeida, Pedro Cameira de and Fuinhas, José Alberto and Marques, António Cardoso (2011): A assimetria dos ciclos económicos: Evidência internacional usando o teste triples.

Almosabbeh, Imadeddin (2008): العوامل المؤثرة في البطالة في الجمهورية العربية السورية دراسة تطبيقية باستخدام منهجية التكامل المشترك.

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Antonakakis, Nikolaos (2012): Dynamic Correlations of Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads in the Euro zone and the Role of Credit Rating Agencies' Downgrades.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos (2012): Exchange return co-movements and volatility spillovers before and after the introduction of Euro.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos (2012): The great synchronization of international trade collapse.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos and Chatziantoniou, Ioannis and Filis, George (2012): Dynamic Co-movements between Stock Market Returns and Policy Uncertainty.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos and Darby, Julia (2012): Forecasting Volatility in Developing Countries' Nominal Exchange Returns.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos and Dragouni, Mina and Filis, George (2013): Time-Varying Interdependencies of Tourism and Economic Growth: Evidence from European Countries.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos and Kizys, Renatas and Floros, Christos (2014): Dynamic Spillover Effects in Futures Markets.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos and Vergos, Konstantinos (2012): Sovereign Bond Yield Spillovers in the Euro Zone During the Financial and Debt Crisis.

Ardakani, Omid and Kishor, N. Kundan (2014): Examining the Success of the Central Banks in Inflation Targeting Countries: The Dynamics of Inflation Gap and the Institutional Characteristics.

Ardia, David (2003): Fear Trading.

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Ardliansyah, Rifqi (2012): Stock Market Integration and International Portfolio Diversification between U.S. and ASEAN Equity Markets.

Arevilca Vasquez, Bismarck Javier and Risso Charquero, Adrian Winston (2007): Balance of payments constrained growth model: evidence for Bolivia 1953-2002.

Arora, Vipin (2014): Estimates of the Price Elasticities of Natural Gas Supply and Demand in the United States.

Aruga, Kentaka and Managi, Shunsuke (2011): Linkage among the U.S. Energy Futures Markets.

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Atif, Syed Muhammad and Siddiqi, Muhammad Wasif (2010): The Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus in Pakistan: A New Evidence.

Azuara, Oliver and Marinescu, Ioana (2011): Informality and the expansion of social protection programs.


Baafi Antwi, Joseph (2010): Ghana's Economic Growth in perspective: A time series approach to Convergence and Growth Determinants. Published in: DiVA (23. June 2010): pp. 1-72.

Badiane, Ousmane and Goudan, Anatole and Tankari, Mahamadou Roufahi (2013): Time Path of Price Adjustment in Domestic Markets of Non-tradable Staples to Changes in World Market Prices.

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Balaguer, Jacint and Ripollés, Jordi (2013): Asymmetric fuel price responses under heterogeneity.

Balcilar, Mehmet and Bagzibagli, Kemal (2010): Sources of Macroeconomic Fluctuations in MENA Countries.

Balli, Faruk and Elsamadisy, Elsayed (2010): Modelling the Currency in Circulation for the State of Qatar.

Balogun, Emmanuel Dele and Dauda, Risikat O. S. (2012): Poverty and employment impact of trade liberalization in Nigeria: empirical evidence and policy implications.

Bandi, Federico and Corradi, Valentina and Moloche, Guillermo (2009): Bandwidth selection for continuous-time Markov processes.

Bandi, Federico and Moloche, Guillermo (2008): On the functional estimation of multivariate diffusion processes.

Bandyopadhyay, Kaushik Ranjan (2009): Does OPEC act as a Residual Producer?

Barhoumi, Karim (2006): Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Structural Macroeconomic Shocks in Developing Countries: An Empirical Investigation.


Barnett, William A. and Chauvet, Marcelle and Leiva-Leon, Danilo (2014): Real-Time Nowcasting Nominal GDP Under Structural Break.

Barnett, William A. and Diewert, W. Erwin and Zellner, Arnold (2009): Introduction to Measurement with Theory.

Barnett, William A. and Seck, Ousmane (2006): Rotterdam vs Almost Ideal Models: Will the Best Demand Specification Please Stand Up?

Bashar, Omar H M N (2009): The Nature of Aggregate Demand and Supply Shocks in ASEAN Countries.

Basher, Syed A. and Fachin, Stefano (2008): The long-term decline of internal migration in Canada – Ontario as a case study.

Basher, Syed A. and Westerlund, Joakim (2006): Is there Really a Unit Root in the Inflation Rate? More Evidence from Panel Data Models. Forthcoming in: Applied Economics Letters

Basher, Syed A. and Westerlund, Joakim (2008): Panel Cointegration and the Monetary Exchange Rate Model.

Basher, Syed Abul and Elsamadisy, Elsayed Mousa (2010): Country Heterogeneity and Long-Run Determinants of Inflation in the Gulf Arab States.

Basher, Syed Abul and Fachin, Stefano (2011): The long-run relationship between savings and investment in oil-exporting developing countries: A case study of the Gulf Arab States.

Bastourre, Diego (2008): Cambio fundamental o especulación financiera en los mercados de commodities? Un modelo con ajuste no lineal al equilibrio.

Baumohl, Eduard and Lyocsa, Stefan (2013): Volatility and dynamic conditional correlations of European emerging stock markets.

Baumöhl, Eduard (2013): Stock market integration between the CEE-4 and the G7 markets: Asymmetric DCC and smooth transition approach.

Bayraci, Selcuk and Demiralay, Sercan (2013): Conditional Autoregregressive Range (CARR) Based Volatility Spillover Index For the Eurozone Markets.

Bell, Peter N (2014): A Method for Experimental Events that Break Cointegration: Counterfactual Simulation.

Ben Cheikh, Nidhaleddine and Louhichi, Waël (2014): Measuring the Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on Domestic Prices: A Cointegrated VAR Analysis.

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Bentes, Sonia R and Menezes, Rui (2012): On the predictive power of implied volatility indexes: A comparative analysis with GARCH forecasted volatility.

Bento Cerdeira, João Paulo (2012): The role of foreign direct investment in the renewable electricity generation and economic growth nexus in Portugal: a cointegration and causality analysis. Forthcoming in:

Bentour, El Mostafa (2013): Should Moroccan Officials Depend on the Workers’ Remittances to Finance the Current Account Deficit? Forthcoming in:

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Bilgili, Faik (2006): Random walk, excess smoothness or excess sensitivity? Evidence from literature and an application for Turkish economy.

Bokusheva, Raushan (2010): Measuring the dependence structure between yield and weather variables.

Boldea, Otilia and Hall, Alastair R. (2010): Estimation and inference in unstable nonlinear least squares models.

Bollino, Carlo Andrea and Ciferri, Davide and Polinori, Paolo (2013): Integration and Convergence in European Electricity Markets.

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Boschi, Melisso and Girardi, Alessandro (2009): The contribution of domestic, regional and international factors to Latin America's business cycle.

Boubacar Mainassara, Yacouba (2009): Multivariate portmanteau test for structural VARMA models with uncorrelated but non-independent error terms.

Boubacar Mainassara, Yacouba and Francq, Christian (2009): Estimating structural VARMA models with uncorrelated but non-independent error terms.

Boufateh, Talel and Ajmi, Ahdi Noomen and El Montasser, Ghassen and Issaoui, Fakhri (2013): Dynamic relationship between energy consumption and income in Tunisia: A SVECM approach.

Bouzahzah, Mohamed and El Menyari, Younesse (2013): The relationship between international tourism and economic growth: the case of Morocco and Tunisia.

Brambila Macias, Jose (2008): The Dynamics of Parallel Economies. Measuring the Informal Sector in México.

Brissimis, Sophocles and Migiakis, Petros (2011): Inflation persistence and the rationality of inflation expectations.

Brissimis, Sophocles N. and Garganas, Eugenie N. and Hall, Stephen G. (2012): Consumer credit in an era of financial liberalisation: An overreaction to repressed demand?

Brunhart, Andreas (2012): Identification of Liechtenstein's Historic Economic Growth and Business Cycles by Econometric Extensions of Data Series. Published in: KOFL Working Papers No. 14 (November 2012)

Bruno, Giancarlo and Lupi, Claudio (2003): Forecasting Euro-Area Industrial Production Using (Mostly) Business Surveys Data.

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Buss, Ginters (2010): A note on GDP now-/forecasting with dynamic versus static factor models along a business cycle.

Bušs, Ginters (2010): Forecasts with single-equation Markov-switching model: an application to the gross domestic product of Latvia.

Bystrov, Victor (2013): A factor-augemented model of markup on mortgage loans in Poland.

Bystrov, Victor and di Salvatore, Antonietta (2012): Martingale approximation for common factor representation.


Cagnone, Silvia and Bartolucci, Francesco (2013): Adaptive quadrature for likelihood inference on dynamic latent variable models for time-series and panel data.

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Caiado, Jorge and Crato, Nuno (2007): Identifying common spectral and asymmetric features in stock returns.

Caiado, Jorge and Crato, Nuno (2008): Identifying the evolution of stock markets stochastic structure after the euro.

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Caporin, Massimiliano and Kolokolov, Aleksey and Renò, Roberto (2014): Multi-jumps.

Carrasco Gutierrez, Carlos Enrique and Castro Souza, Reinaldo and Teixeira de Carvalho Guillén, Osmani (2009): Selection of optimal lag length in cointegrated VAR models with weak form of common cyclical features. Published in: Brazilian Review of Econometrics

Carrillo, Paul A. (2010): Efectos Macroeconómicos de la Política Fiscal en Ecuador 1993-2009. Forthcoming in: Revista Fiscalidad , Vol. 6, (2011)

Carrillo, Paul A. (2010): Una Evaluación Macroeconométrica de la Efectos de la Política Fiscal en Ecuador con Hechos Estilizados. Forthcoming in: Revista Fiscalidad , Vol. 6, (2011)

Casadio, Paolo and Paradiso, Antonio (2010): Private sector balance, financial markets, and U.S. cycle: A SVAR analysis.

Cassette, Aurélie and Farvaque, Etienne (2009): Australian and American tariffs policies: do they rock or tango?

Cassette, Aurélie and Farvaque, Etienne (2009): Australian and American tariffs policies: do they rock or tango?

Cavalcante, Mileno (2010): An Analysis of the relationship between WTI term structure and oil market fundamentals in 2002-2009. Published in: 33rd IAEE International Conference No. Conference Proceedings (June 2010)

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Cerdeira Bento, João Paulo (2014): The determinants of CO2 emissions: empirical evidence from Italy.

Cerro, Ana Maria and Michel Rivero, Andrés (2012): Business cycles and crime. the case of Argentina.

Cerro, Ana María and Rodríguez Andrés, Antonio (2010): The Effect of Crime on the Job Market: An ARDL approach to Argentina.

Cesaroni, Tatiana (2008): Estimating potential output using business survey data in a SVAR framework.

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Chang, Chia-Lin and Hsu, Hui-Kuang (2013): Modelling Volatility Size Effects for Firm Performance: The Impact of Chinese Tourists to Taiwan.

Chang, Chia-Lin and Ke, Yu-Pei (2014): Testing Price Pressure, Information, Feedback Trading, and Smoothing Effects for Energy Exchange Traded Funds.

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Duran-Vazquez, Rocio and Lorenzo-Valdes, Arturo and Ruiz-Porras, Antonio (2011): Valuation of Latin-American stock prices with alternative versions of the Ohlson model: An investigation of cointegration relationships with time-series and panel-data. Forthcoming in: Espinosa-Ramirez, R. (coord.), "Topics on International Economic Relations", Universidad de Guadalajara, México

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