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Adascalitei, Dragos and Khatiwada, Sameer and Malo, Miguel A. and Pignatti Morano, Clemente (2015): Employment protection and collective bargaining during the Great Recession: A comprehensive review of international evidence.

Afful, Efua Amoonua (2014): Does Employment Protection Legislation Induce Structural Unemployment? Evidence from 15 OECD Countries.

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Andreeva, Andriyana (2019): Правна регламентация на социалната и солидарна икономика и влиянието й върху заетостта. Published in: Правото и бизнесът в съвременното общество: Актуални правни предизвикателства в икономиката , Vol. 1, (2019): pp. 27-36.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2018): Някои аспекти на защитата от дискриминация при упражняване правото на труд – проблеми и тенденции. Published in: Защита срещу дискриминацията: правна уредба, проблеми и тенденции (2018): pp. 133-141.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2017): Субективните права на почивка и отпуск в българското трудово право - еволюция и тенденции. Published in: Ролята на правото в съвременната икономика (2017): pp. 70-80.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2017): Институтът на почивка в българското трудово право - традиция и съвремие. Published in: Известия на Съюза на учените – Варна. Серия „Хуманитарни науки“ No. 1 (2017): pp. 8-13.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2019): Нормативни гаранции за опазване данните от електронните документи в трудовото досие на работника или служителя. Published in: Научни трудове на Съюза на учените в България – Пловдив. Серия A. Обществени науки, изкуство и култура , Vol. V, (2019): pp. 85-88.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Danew, Vladimir (2017): Прекратяване на безсрочен трудов договор проблематика, перспективи и тенденции в условията на съвременна пазарна икономика. Published in: Ролята на правото в съвременната икономика (2017): pp. 326-339.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2018): Трудовоправни и осигурителноправни аспекти на трудовите договори за краткотрайна сезонна работа. Published in: Устойчиво развитие на лозаро-винарския сектор – предизвикателства и възможности за растеж (2018): pp. 172-184.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2018): Необходимост от нов модел за определяне на минималната работна заплата и минималния осигурителен доход. Published in: Известия на Съюза на учените – Варна. Серия „Хуманитарни науки“ No. 1 (2018): pp. 16-21.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2018): Тенденции при антидискриминационните политики в сферата на здравното осигуряване в условията на дигиталното общество. Published in: Защита срещу дискриминацията: правна уредба, проблеми и тенденции (2018): pp. 255-261.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2018): За някои особености на административния контрол и административнонаказателната отговорност за нарушаване на здравословните и безопасни условия на труд. Published in: Административно право – съвременни тенденции в правораздаването и доктрината (2018): pp. 65-79.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2018): Отпуск при временна неработоспособност – специфики, реализация и осигурително обезпечаване. Published in: Диалог No. 1 (2018): pp. 15-41.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2018): Защита правата на потребителите при доброволното осигуряване. Published in: Качество на стоките и защита на потребителите (2018): pp. 74-87.

Asongu, Simplice and Jellal, Mohamed (2014): A theory of compliance with minimum wage law. Forthcoming in:

Asongu, Simplice and Leke, Ivo (2016): The Costs and Benefits of Migration into the European Union: Debunking Contemporary Myths with Facts.


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Burgert, Derik (2005): The Impact of German Job Protection Legislation on Job Creation in Small Establishments - An Application of the Regression Discontinuity Design.

Burgert, Derik (2005): Schwellenwerte im deutschen Kündigungsschutzrecht Ein Beschäftigungshindernis für kleine Unternehmen?

Böckerman, Petri and Skedinger, Per and Uusitalo, Roope (2015): Seniority rules, worker mobility and wages: Evidence from multi-country linked employer-employee data.


Chilosi, Alberto (2010): Stakeholder Protection, Varieties of Capitalism, and Long-Term Unemployment. Forthcoming in: European Journal of Comparative Economics

Chilosi, Alberto (2010): Stakeholder protection in corporate governance and in the legal system, the varieties of capitalism, and long term unemployment.

Costello, Thomas J (TJ) (2004): Pre-litigation Mediation as a Privacy Policy: Exploring the Interaction of Economics and Privacy. Published in: (2004)


Dobrota, Gabriela and Busan, Gabriela and Chirculescu, Felicia Maria (2007): Workforce Occupancy – Essential Indicator within the Analysis of the Country Economic Development. Forthcoming in: International Symposium Economy, Society, Civilization


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Fioroni, Tamara and D'Alessandro, Simone (2013): Child Labour and Inequality.

Fischer, Justina AV (2012): Ist eine Deregulierung der Arbeitsmärkte in den südlichen EU-Staaten zur Bekämpfung der Eurokrise sinnvoll?


Hsiao, Chih-Ru and Chiou, Wen-Lin (2009): Modeling a Multi-Choice Game Based on the Spirit of Equal Job Opportunities (New).

Hsiao, Chih-Ru and Chiou, Wen-Lin (2009): Modeling a Multi-Choice Game Based on the Spirit of Equal Job opportunities.


Jellal, Mohamed (2012): Maroc salaire minimum emploi et pauvreté.

Jellal, Mohamed (2012): A theory of compliance with minimum wage legislation.

Jellal, Mohamed and Tarbalouti, Essaid (2012): Institutions éducation et travail des enfants.


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Langlais, Eric (2008): Le "risque judiciaire" et les licenciements en France: le point de vue de l'économie du risque.

Langlais, Eric (2010): An analysis of bounded rationality in judicial litigations: the case with loss/disappointment averses plaintiffs.


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Malo, Miguel A. and Sanchez-sanchez, Nuria (2011): The legal form of labour conflicts and their time persistence: an empirical analysis with a large firms' panel.

Malo, Miguel Ángel and Martín-Román, Ángel L. and Moral, Alfonso (2016): “Peer effects” or “quasi-peer effects” in Spanish labour court rulings.

Miguel Á., Malo (2017): Labour market institutions in small Pacific island countries: Main guidelines for labour market reforms.

Moniz, António (2002): Labour Market Policy in Portugal.

Moral-Arce, Ignacio and Martín-Román, Javier and Martín-Román, Ángel L. (2018): Cessation of activity benefit of Spanish self-employed workers: a heterogeneous impact evaluation.


NWAOBI, GODWIN (2013): African Jobless Growth Morphology:Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses.


Palmer, Michael and Williams, Jenny (2017): Are Employment Protection Laws for Disabled People Effective in a Developing Country Evidence from Cambodia.

Peng, Fei and Kang, Lili (2012): Labour market institutions and skill premiums: an empirical analysis on the UK 1972-2002.

Ponce, Aldo (2010): Foreign Direct Investment and Civil Rights: Testing Decreasing Returns to Civil Rights.

Putthiwanit, Chutinon and Santipiriyapon, Sawitree (2012): A different point of view in collective bargaining: legal perspective versus business perspective. Forthcoming in:


Ramosaj, Argjiro (2012): Challenges in implementation of the maternity leave in Kosovo.

Reed, Joshua and Vandegrift, Donald (2016): The Effect of New Jersey’s Paid Parental Leave Policy on Employment.


Sarkar, Prabirjit (2011): Does employment protection lead to unemployment? A panel data analysis of OECD countries, 1990-2008.

Sarkar, Prabirjit (2011): Impact of Labour Regulation on Unemployment: A Case Study of France, Germany, UK and USA.

Sarkar, Prabirjit and Deakin, Simon (2011): Indian labour law and its impact on unemployment, 1970-2006: A leximetric study.

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Tealdi, Cristina (2011): Typical and atypical employment contracts: the case of Italy.

Toms, Steven and Shepherd, Alice (2013): Creative accounting in the British Industrial Revolution: Cotton manufacturers and the ‘Ten Hours’ Movement.

Toufik, Said and Arkhis, Mohammed-Amine and Oukhallou, Youssef (2016): The Impact of the Employment Protection Legislation Reform on the Labor Market’s Flexicurity in Morocco.

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