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ALFAZEMA, ANTONIO (2021): Small and medium enterprises in access to Bank credit in Mozambique.

ANDREI, Dalina (2021): Objectives and difficulties in SME’s sector in Romania.

Abajian, Alexander and Pretnar, Nick (2021): An Aggregate Perspective on the Geo-spatial Distribution of Residential Solar Panels.

Abdul Halim, Asyraf (2021): Theory and evidence of the impacts of shariah debt screening on firm behaviour.

Abdullah, Hariem and Tursoy, Turgut (2021): Capital structure and firm performance: a panel causality test.

Abdulqadir, Idris and Asongu, Simplice (2021): The asymmetric effect of internet access on economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa: Insight from a dynamic panel threshold regression.

Abreha, Fasika Molla and Salmasi, Luca and Ianuale, Nicola and Pegoraro, Enrico (2021): A Bayesian Cost-effectiveness analysis of Holobalance, Holograms for personalized virtual coaching and motivation in an ageing population with balance disorders.

Abubakar, Jamila and Aysan, Ahmet Faruk (2021): Research trends in the field of Islamic Social Finance.

Abugamea, Gaber (2021): Determinants of Islamic Banking Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Palestine.

Accolley, Delali (2021): Some Markov-Switching Models for the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Acosta Reveles, Irma Lorena (2021): Científicas a la sombra, también en el espacio virtual. Published in: Asparkía Investigació Feminista , Vol. 38, (22 June 2021): pp. 59-82.

Adachi, Yoshimi and Kitamura, Tomoki (2021): Impact of the Financial Support Program for High School Students in Japan.

Adam, Antonis and Garas, Antonios and Katsaiti, Marina-Selini and Lapatinas, Athanasios (2021): Economic complexity and jobs: an empirical analysis. Published in: Economics of Innovation and New Technology (January 2021)

Adeabah, David and Andoh, Charles and Asongu, Simplice and Akomea-Frimpong, Isaac (2021): Elections, Political Connections and Cash Holdings: Evidence from Local Assemblies.

Adejumo, Oluwabunmi and Asongu, Simplice and Adejumo, Akintoye (2021): Education Enrollment Rate vs Employment Rate: Implications for Sustainable Human Capital Development in Nigeria. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Educational Development

Ahmad, Abdul-Rahim and Tasadduq, Imran A. and Imam, Muhammad Hasan and Al-Ahmadi, Mohammad Saad and Ahmad, Muhammad Bilal and Tanveer, Muhammad and Mahmood, Haider (2021): Intelligent Decision Support in Automating ABET Accreditation Processes: A Conceptual Framework.

Ahmad, Zofia and Chicoine, Luke (2021): Silk Roads to Riches: Persistence Along an Ancient Trade Network.

Ahmed, Mumtaz and Bashir, Uzma and Ullah, Irfan (2021): Testing for explosivity in US-Pak Exchange Rate via Sequential ADF Procedures.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2021): Business Excellence through the Theory of Accountability. Published in: International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT, and Education (IJCSBE) , Vol. 5, No. 1 (21 May 2021): pp. 88-115.

Akbal, Can (2021): Entrepreneurship and the Shadow (Informal) Economy.

Akyildirim, Erdinc and Goncu, Ahmet and Hekimoglu, Alper and Nguyen, Duc Khuong and Sensoy, Ahmet (2021): Statistical arbitrage: Factor investing approach.

Al-Ansari, Khalid Ahmed and Aysan, Ahmet Faruk (2021): More than ten years of Blockchain creation: How did we use the technology and which direction is the research heading?

Alaba, Oluwayemisi O. and Ojo, Oluwadare O. and Yaya, OlaOluwa S and Abu, Nurudeen and Ajobo, Saheed A. (2021): Comparative Analysis of Market Efficiency and Volatility of Energy Prices Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic Periods.

Alfano, Vincenzo and Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio and Pinto, Mauro and Rotondo, Francesca and Vecchione, Gaetano (2021): La dinamica dell’offerta di formazione dottorale dopo la riforma Gelmini.

Alfonso-Costillo, Antonio (2021): Taking risks by flying paper airplanes.

Ali, Amjad and Audi, Marc and Bibi, Chan and Roussel, Yannick (2021): The Impact of Gender Inequality and Environmental Degradation on Human Well-Being in The Case of Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis.

Ali, Amjad and Audi, Marc and Roussel, Yannick (2021): Natural Resources Depletion, Renewable Energy Consumption and Environmental Degradation: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing World.

Ali, Mazhar and Amir, Dr.Huma and Shamsi, Dr.Aamir (2021): Consumer Herding Behavior in Online Buying: A Literature Review. Published in: International Review of Management and Business Research , Vol. 10, No. 1 (28 March 2021): pp. 345-360.

Ali, Shabbir and Nadeem, Ahmed (2021): The Impact of Socio-emotional competencies, Socio-economic factors, and the Employability process on Employment Status.

Allen, Osvalso and Brown, Ava and Wang, Ersong (2021): Socioeconomic Disparities in the Effects of Pollution on Spread of Covid-19: Evidence from US Counties. Published in: Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies , Vol. 12, No. 6(J) (9 February 2021): pp. 33-42.

Alpino, Matteo and Mehlum, Halvor (2021): Two Notions of Social Capital.

Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich and Otero, Abraham and Andres, Antonio Rodriguez (2021): Knowledge Economy Classification in African Countries: A Model-Based Clustering Approach. Published in: Information Technology for Development No. DOI: 10.1080/02681102.2021.1950597 (16 July 2021)

Amir, Md. Khaled (2021): Banker Attitudes and Perception towards Green Banking: An Empirical Study on Conventional Banks in Bangladesh. Published in: International Journal of Finance & Banking Studies , Vol. 10, No. 2 (2021): 01-10.

Anastasiou, Dimitrios and Kapopoulos, Panayotis (2021): Dynamic linkages among financial stability, house prices and residential investment in Greece.

Anastasiou, Dimitrios and Petralias, Athanassios (2021): On the Construction of a Leading Indicator Based on News Headlines for Predicting Greek Deposit Outflows.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2021): За границите и съдържанието на института работно време в дигитални условия и в контекста на работа от разстояние. Published in: Известия. Списание на Икономически университет , Vol. 65, No. 1 (2021): pp. 87-100.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2021): За функциите на трудовото и осигурително право в условията на пандемия. Published in: Проблеми на трудовото и осигурителното право. Сборник с доклади от националната научна конференция в памет на проф. д-р Атанас Василев (2021): pp. 279-292.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2021): Цифровата трансформация в здравеопазването в контекста на правото на достъп до медицинска помощ. Published in: Медицинско право и здравеопазване No. 1 (2021): pp. 20-37.

Andreeva, Andriyana and Yolova, Galina (2021): Влияние на новата индустриална революция върху трудовоправните отношения в сферата на заетостта в селското стопанство. Published in: Устойчиво управление на поземлените ресурси – съвременни практики и решения (2021): pp. 144-152.

Andrei, Liviu Catalin and Andrei, Dalina (2021): Foreign Direct Investments (II).

Andres, Antonio Rodriguez and Otero, Abraham and Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich (2021): Evaluation of technology clubs by clustering: A cautionary note. Forthcoming in: Applied Economics (2021)

Andres, Antonio Rodriguez and Otero, Abraham and Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich (2021): Using Deep Learning Neural Networks to Predict the Knowledge Economy Index for Developing and Emerging Economies. Published in: Expert Systems with Applications , Vol. 184, No. (1 December 2021)

Angle, John (2021): Generalizing the Inequality Process’ Gamma Model of Particle Wealth Statistics.

Antelo, Manel and Bru, Lluís (2021): Horizontal contracts in a dominant firm-competitive fringe model.

Antelo, Manel and Bru, Lluís (2021): Intrapersonal price discrimination in a dominant firm model.

Antonioli, Federico and Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano (2021): On Policy Interventions and Vertical Price Transmission: the Italian Milk Supply Chain Case. Forthcoming in:

Anwar, Ahsan and Sharif, Arshian and Fatima, Saba and Ahmad, Paiman and Sinha, Avik and Khan, Syed Abdul Rehman and Jermsittiparsert, Kittisak (2021): The asymmetric effect of public private partnership investment on transport CO2 emission in China: Evidence from quantile ARDL approach. Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production , Vol. 288, (2021): p. 125282.

Anwar, Ahsan and Sinha, Avik and Sharif, Arshian and Siddique, Muhammad and Irshad, Shoaib and Anwar, Waseem and Malik, Summaira (2021): The nexus between urbanization, renewable energy consumption, financial development, and CO2 emissions: evidence from selected Asian countries. Published in: Environment, Development and Sustainability (2021)

Anyanwu, Sarah Olanrewaju and Adesanya, Babatunde Moses and Adediji, Adebisi Moses and Adesanya, Adefunke Elizabeth (2021): Female Labour Force Participation and Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from Nigerian Economy.

Apostolou, Apostolos and Papaioannou, Michael (2021): Towards Greening Finance: Integration of Environmental Factors in Risk Management & Impact of Climate Risks on Asset Portfolios.

Aregbeshola, Bolaji Samson and Folayan, Morenike Oluwatoyin (2021): Nigeria's financing of health care during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and recommendations.

Arigapudi, Srinivas and Heller, Yuval and Milchtaich, Igal (2021): Instability of defection in the prisoner’s dilemma under best experienced payoff dynamics. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Theory

Arigapudi, Srinivas and Heller, Yuval and Schreiber, Amnon (2021): Sampling Dynamics and Stable Mixing in Hawk–Dove Games.

Armstrong, Mark (2021): Plan S: An Economist's Perspective.

Armstrong, Mark and Vickers, John (2021): Patterns of Competitive Interaction.

Armstrong, Mark and Zhou, Jidong (2021): Consumer Information and the Limits to Competition.

Aronsson, Thomas and Ghosh, Sugata and Wendner, Ronald (2021): Positional Preferences and Efficiency in a Dynamic Economy.

Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof and Wendner, Ronald (2021): Charity, Status, and Optimal Taxation: Welfarist and Non-Welfarist Approaches.

Asano, Koji (2021): Ignorant Experts and Financial Fragility.

Asano, Koji (2021): Managing Financial Expertise.

Aso, Hiroki (2021): Endogenous lifetime, intergenerational mobility and economic development.

Aso, Hiroki (2021): A note on the fertility-income relationship and childcare outside home.

Asongu, Simplice and Adegboye, Alex and Ejemeyovwi, Jeremiah and Umukoro, Olaoluwa (2021): The Mobile Phone Technology, Gender Inclusive Education and Public Accountability in Sub-Saharan Africa. Published in: Telecommunications Policy , Vol. 45, No. 4 (May 2021): p. 102108.

Asongu, Simplice and Amari, Mouna and Jarboui, Anis and Mouakhar, Khaireddine (2021): ICT dynamics for gender inclusive intermediary education: minimum poverty and inequality thresholds in developing countries. Published in: Telecommunications Policy , Vol. 45, No. 5 (June 2021): p. 102125.

Asongu, Simplice and Messono, Omang and Guttemberg, Keyanfe (2021): Women political empowerment and vulnerability to climate change: evidence from developing countries.

Asongu, Simplice and Nnanna, Joseph (2021): Globalization, Governance and the Green Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policy Thresholds. Published in: World Affairs , Vol. 184, No. 2 (22 June 2021): pp. 176-212.

Asongu, Simplice and Nnanna, Joseph and Nting, Rexon (2021): A bad turn deserves another: linkages between terrorism, capital flight and industrialisation. Forthcoming in: International Journal of Public Administration

Asongu, Simplice and Nounamo, Yann and Njangang, Henri and Tadadjeu, Sosson (2021): Gender Inclusive Intermediary Education, Financial Stability and Female Employment in the Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Forthcoming in: Finance Research Letters

Asongu, Simplice and Nting, Rexon (2021): The role of finance in inclusive human development in Africa revisited. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences

Asongu, Simplice and Odhiambo, Nicholas (2021): Remittances and Value Added across Economic sub-sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa. Forthcoming in: Quality & Quantity

Asongu, Simplice and Yapatake Kossele, Thales and Nnanna, Joseph (2021): Not all that glitters is gold: political stability and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. Published in: Crime, Law and Social Change , Vol. 75, (March 2021): pp. 469-485.

Asproudis, Elias and Filippiadis, Eleftherios (2021): Bargaining for Community Fishing Quotas.

Asproudis, Elias and Filippiadis, Eleftherios and Tian, Mo (2021): Climate solidarity, green trade unions and timing of technological choice.

Atamanov, Aziz and Yoshida, Nobuo and Beltramo, Theresa Parrish and Rios Rivera, Laura Abril and Sarr, Ibrahima and Waita, Peter and Yoshimura, Kazusa (2021): Monitoring Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Refugees in Uganda: Results from the High-Frequency Phone Survey - First Round. Published in:

Athias, Laure and Macina, Moudo (2021): Demand for Vaccination in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Vertical Legacy of the Slave Trade.

Atoi, Ngozi Victor and Nwambeke, Chinedu G. (2021): Money and Foreign Exchange Markets Dynamics in Nigeria: A Multivariate GARCH Approach. Published in: Central Bank of Nigeria Journal of Applied Statistics , Vol. 12, No. 1 (31 June 2021): pp. 109-138.

Audi, Marc and Ali, Amjad and Roussel, Yannick (2021): The Advancement in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Economic Development: A Panel Analysis.

Audi, Marc and Ali, Amjad and Roussel, Yannick (2021): Aggregate and Disaggregate Natural Resources Agglomeration and Foreign Direct Investment in France.

Audi, Marc and Ali, Amjad and Roussel, Yannick (2021): Measuring the Tax Buoyancy: Empirics from South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

Audi, Marc and Sadiq, Azhar and Ali, Amjad (2021): Performance Evaluation of Islamic and Non-Islamic Equity and Bonds Indices: Evidence from selected Emerging and Developed Countries.

Avenyo, Elvis Korku (2021): Learning and Product Innovation Performance in Informal Enterprises: Evidence from Urban Ghana.

Awolaja, Oladapo G. and Yaya, OlaOluwa S and Vo, Xuan Vinh and Ogbonna, Ahamuefula and Joseph, Solomon O. (2021): Unemployment Hysteresis in Middle East and North Africa Countries: Panel SUR-based Unit root test with a Fourier function. Published in: Middle East Development Journal (2 August 2021)

Ayodele Idowu, Mr (2021): Econometric Modelling and Forecasting Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in Nigeria: ARIMA Model Approach.

Aysan, Ahmet Faruk and Unal, Ibrahim Musa (2021): A Bibliometric Analysis of Fintech and Blockchain in Islamic Finance. Forthcoming in: Efil Journal of Economic Research , Vol. 4, No. 15 (1 September 2021)


BAH, Mamadou Mouminy (2021): Agglomeration Economies and Labour Misallocation in Cote d’Ivoire.

BENABBOU, Hassiba and BELBACHIR, Gouraya and BELBACHIR, Hadjira (2021): L’Economie Informelle en Algérie. Published in: Journal of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship JEGE , Vol. 5, No. 2 (14 January 2021): pp. 1-9.

BENSALMA, Ahmed (2021): Fractional Dickey-Fuller test with or without prehistorical influence.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2021): Agri-food impacts of Fukushima nuclear accident - lessons learned 10 years after disaster.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2021): Assessment of the competitiveness of agricultural holdings in Bulgaria.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2021): Ecosystem services of Bulgarian agriculture.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2021): Understanding and evaluating the “missing” governance pillar of sustainability – the case of the Bulgarian agriculture.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Ivanov, Bojidar (2021): Оползотворяване на утайки в селското стопанство на България.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Ivanov, Bojidar and Mitova, Dilyana and Boevski, Ivan and Marinov, Petar and Sarov, Angel and Zvetkova, Daniela and Kostenarov, Krasimir and Vanev, Dimitar (2021): Емпирично изследване на управлението на услугите на агроекосистемите в България.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Ivanov, Bozhidar (2021): Подход за оценка на ефектите, ефективността и факторите на оползотворяване на утайки в селското стопанство на България.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Ivanov, Bozhidar (2021): Efficiency and factors for agricultural use of sludge in the circular Bulgarian economy.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Koteva, Nina (2021): Равнище на конкурентоспособност на българските ферми през 2020г.

Badunenko, Oleg and Cordero, Jose M. and Kumbhakar, Subal C. (2021): Are you slacking? Where do you and your country stand in the happiness pursuit?

Bakari, Sayef (2021): Are Domestic Investments in Spain a Source of Economic Growth?

Bakari, Sayef (2021): Do researchers affect economic growth?

Bakari, Sayef (2021): Reinvest the relationship between exports and economic growth in African countries: New insights from innovative econometric methods.

Bakari, Sayef (2021): The nexus between domestic investment and economic growth in G7 countries; Does internet matter?

Bakari, Sayef and Benzid, Lamia (2021): Modeling the Impact of Corruption, Degree of Freedom to Invest and Democracy on Domestic Investment: Evidence from MENA Countries.

Bakari, Sayef and Tiba, Sofien (2021): The impact of Combustible Renewables and Waste on Economic Growth and Environmental Quality in Tunisia.

Balafoutas, Loukas and Faravelli, Marco and Sheremeta, Roman (2021): Conflict in the Pool: A Field Experiment.

Ballatore, Benedetto Francesco (2021): The importance of Russia’s agricultural sector in the MENA geopolitics.

Ballester, Coralio and Vorsatz, Marc and Ponti, Giovanni (2021): Uncovering seeds.

Balsalobre, Daniel and Sinha, Avik and Driha, Oana M. and Shujaat Mubarik, Muhammad (2021): Assessing the Impacts of Ageing and Natural Resource Extraction on Carbon Emissions: A proposed Policy Framework for European Economies. Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production , Vol. 296, (2021): p. 126470.

Bande, Roberto and Riveiro, Dolores and Ruiz, Freddy (2021): Does Uncertainty Affect Saving Decisions of Colombian Households? Evidence on Precautionary Saving.

Banerjee, Shraman (2021): Treating Symmetric Buyers Asymmetrically.

Bannor, Frank and Dikgang, Johane and Gelo, Dambala (2021): Is climate variability subversive for agricultural total factor productivity growth? Long-run evidence from sub-Saharan Africa.

Bannor, Frank and Dikgang, Johane and Kutela Gelo, Dambala (2021): Interdependence between research and development, climate variability and agricultural production: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa.

Barkowski, Scott (2021): Interpretation of nonlinear difference-in-differences: the role of the parallel trends assumption.

Barkowski, Scott (2021): Physician Response to Prices of Other Physicians: Evidence from a Field Experiment.

Barnes, Paul (2021): The use of contracts for difference (‘CFD’) spread bets and binary options (‘forbin’) to trade foreign exchange (‘forex’) commodities, and stocks and shares in volatile financial markets.

Barnett, William and Bella, Giovanni and Ghosh, Taniya and Mattana, Paolo and Venturi, Beatrice (2021): Chaos in the UK New Keynesian Macroeconomy.

Barnett, William and Gaekwad, Neepa (2021): Multilateral Divisia monetary aggregates for the Euro Area.

Barnett, William A. and Nguyen, Van H. (2021): Constructing Divisia monetary aggregates for Singapore.

Barnett, William A. and Park, Hyun and Park, Sohee (2021): The Barnett Critique.

Barnett, William A. and Wang, Xue and Xu, Hai-Chuan and Zhou, Wei-Xing (2021): Hierarchical contagions in the interdependent financial network.

Barnette, Justin (2021): Long-Term Impacts of Short-Term Income Replacement Ratios After Job Loss.

Bartolini, Stefano and Sarracino, Francesco (2021): Happier and Sustainable. Possibilities for a post-growth society.

Basak, Debasmita (2021): Cournot-Bertrand equilibria under two-part tariff contract.

Bashar, Omar and Mallick, Debdulal (2021): Frequency of Shocks, Resilience and Shock Persistence: Evidence from Natural Disasters.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet and Beladi, Hamid (2021): On the Existence of an Equilibrium in Models of Local Public Good Use by Cities to Attract the Creative Class.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet and Kourtit, Karima (2021): An Analysis of Resilience in Complex Socioeconomic Systems.

Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo (2021): Epilogue: Back to the future or total recall? Forthcoming in:

Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo and Buckley, Tom (2021): Early “Frictions” in the Transition towards Cashless Payments.

Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo and González-Correa, Ignacio (2021): Start-ups, Gender Disparities, and the Fintech Revolution in Latin America.

Bechlioulis, Alexandros and Chletsos, Michael (2021): The differentiated effects of minimum wage reforms on unemployment Evidence from the Greek labor market.

Beja, Edsel Jr. (2021): Human Development Index and Multidimensional Poverty Index: Evidence on their Reliability and Validity.

Belloc, Ignacio (2021): El tiempo de desplazamiento al lugar de trabajo en el Reino Unido: Diferencias entre asalariados y autoempleados.

Bellon, Aymeric and Harpedanne de Belleville, Louis-Marie and Pinardon-Touati, Noémie (2021): Mediating Financial Intermediation.

Ben salem, salha and slama, ines (2021): Modeling the impact of Coronavirus uncertainty on bank system vulnerability and monetary policy conduct.

Bensalma, Ahmed (2021): An Eviews program to perform the fractional Dickey-Fuller test.

Benzarour, Choukri (2021): مرافقة تنمية الصناعة التقليدية: أي دور لغرف الصناعة التقليدية و الحرف؟ .ثلاث إشكاليات و ورقة طريق نحو الاصلاح.

Benzarour, Choukri (2021): ما بعد جائحة كورونا، دروس من تجارب دولية لسياسات تعافي السياحة.

Benzid, Lamia and Bakari, Sayef (2021): Modeling the Asymmetric Relationship between the Covid-19 and the U.S Dollar Exchange Rate: an Empirical Analysis via the NARDL Approach.

Bequet, Ludovic (2021): Agricultural productivity and land inequality. Evidence from the Philippines.

Berardi, Michele (2021): Beliefs asymmetry and price stability in a cobweb model.

Berardi, Michele (2021): Uncertainty, sentiments and time-varying risk premia.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Moreno-Ternero, Juan D. (2021): Broadcasting revenue sharing after cancelling sports competitions.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Moreno-Ternero, Juan D. (2021): Monotonicity in sharing the revenues from broadcasting sports leagues.

Berliant, Marcus (2021): Commuting and internet traffic congestion.

Berliant, Marcus and Gouveia, Miguel (2021): On the political economy of income taxation.

Berman, Ron and Heller, Yuval (2021): Naive Analytics Equilibrium.

Bertani, Filippo and Raberto, Marco and Teglio, Andrea and Cincotti, Silvano (2021): Digital Innovation and its Potential Consequences: the Elasticity Augmenting Approach.

Berulava, George and Gogokhia, Teimuraz (2021): The Impact of Business Environment Reforms on Firms’ Performance in Transition Economies.

Besner, Manfred (2021): Disjointly and jointly productive players and the Shapley value.

Besner, Manfred (2021): Disjointly productive players and the Shapley value.

Besner, Manfred (2021): The grand dividends value.

Besner, Manfred (2021): The grand dividends value.

Bethencourt, Carlos and Marrero, Gustavo A. and Ngoudji, Charlie Y. (2021): The Fight against Malaria: A New Index for Quantifying and Assessing Policy Implementation Actions to Reduce Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Betts, Caroline (2021): Accounting for Japan's Lost Score.

Betts, Caroline (2021): How many (more) lost decades? The great productivity slowdown in Japan.

Bhatt, Vipul and Kishor, N. Kundan (2021): (A)Synchronous Housing Markets of Global Cities.

Bhowmik, Anuj and Dharanan, GVA (2021): Core equivalence in presence of satiation and indivisibilities.

Bikhchandani, Sushil and Hirshleifer, David and Tamuz, Omer and Welch, Ivo (2021): Information Cascades and Social Learning.

Billette de Villemeur, Etienne and Scannell, Jack and Versaevel, Bruno (2021): Biopharmaceutical R&D outsourcing: Short-term gain for long-term pain?

Blanco, Andrés and Diaz de Astarloa, Bernardo and Drenik, Andres and Moser, Christian and Trupkin, Danilo (2021): The Evolution of the Earnings Distribution in a Volatile Economy: Evidence from Argentina.

Blanco, Cesar and Diz, Sebastian (2021): Optimal monetary policy with non-homothetic preferences.

Blankmeyer, Eric (2021): Explorations in NISE Estimation.

Bodha Hannadige, Sium and Gao, Jiti and Silvapulle, Mervyn and Silvapulle, Param (2021): Time Series Forecasting using a Mixture of Stationary and Nonstationary Predictors.

Bolh, Nathalie and Wendner, Ronald (2021): Conspicuous leisure, time allocation, and obesity Kuznets curves.

Bom, Pedro R.D. and Erauskin, Iñaki (2021): Productive government investment and the labor share.

Borissov, Kirill and Pakhnin, Mikhail and Wendner, Ronald (2021): The Neoclassical Growth Model with Time-Inconsistent Decision Making and Perfect Foresight.

Borsboom, Charlotte and Füllbrunn, Sascha (2021): Stock Price Level Effect.

Bottasso, Anna and Marocco, Paolo and Robbiano, Simone (2021): Price matching and platform pricing.

Bouarar, Ahmed Chemseddine and Mouloudj, kamel (2021): Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Explore Employees Intentions to Implement Green Practices. Published in: Dirassat Journal Economic Issue , Vol. 12, No. 1 (27 January 2021): pp. 641-659.

Boulier, Bryan and Emran, M. Shahe and Hoque, Nazmul (2021): Access to Credit, Education, and Women’s Say in the Household: Evidence from Bangladesh.

Bournakis, Ioannis and Rizov, Marian and Christopoulos, Dimitris (2021): Revisiting the Economic Performance and Institutions Debate in SSA Countries: The Role of Legal Origins in the Context of Ethnic Heterogeneity.

Brams, Steven and Kilgour, Marc (2021): A Note on Stabilizing Cooperation in the Centipede Game. Published in: Games , Vol. 11, No. 35 (20 August 2020): pp. 1-7.

Brams, Steven J. and Ismail, Mehmet S. (2021): Every Normal-Form Game Has a Pareto-Optimal Nonmyopic Equilibrium.

Brams, Steven J. and Kilgour, D. Marc and Klamler, Christian (2021): Two-Person Fair Division of Indivisible Items when Envy-Freeness Is Impossible.

Brams, Steven J. and Kilgour, Marc and Klamler, Christian (2021): Two-Person Fair Division of Indivisible Items: Compatible and Incompatible Properties.

Brinca, Pedro and Costa-Filho, João (2021): Economic depression in Brazil: the 2014-2016 fall.

Brinca, Pedro and João, Costa-Filho (2021): Output falls and the international transmission of crises.

Briones, Kristine Joy and Lopez, Jessa and Elumbre, Roxanne Jean and Angangco, Therese Marie (2021): Income, consumption, and poverty measurement in the Philippines.

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