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AMEDANOU, Yawovi M. Isaac (2019): Taxation Optimale et Croissance Economique au Togo : une Evidence Empirique en Séries Temporelles. Published in: HAL Archives (22 January 2019)


Abozaid, Abdulazeem (2019): الحكم الشرعي للاتجار بالديون الناشئة عن الوساطة المالية. Forthcoming in: Journal of Bait al-Mashura (2019)

Absher, Samuel and Grier, Kevin (2019): Can you hear me now? Good?? The Effect of Mobile Phones on Collective Violent Action in the Libyan Revolution.

Adam, Antonis and Garas, Antonios and Lapatinas, Athanasios (2019): Economic complexity and jobs: an empirical analysis.

Adu, Kofi Osei (2019): National health insurance scheme renewal in Ghana: Does waiting time at health insurance registration office matter?

Agarwal, Samiksha and Chakraborty, Lekha (2019): Business Taxation in an Emerging Economy: Analysing Corporate Tax Incidence. Forthcoming in:

Ager, Philipp and Herz, Benedikt (2019): Structural Change and the Fertility Transition.

AhAtil, Ahmed and Bouheni, Faten Ben and Lahiani, Amine and Shahbaz, Muhammad (2019): Factors influencing CO2 Emission in China: A Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lags Investigation.

Ahelegbey, Daniel Felix and Giudici, Paolo (2019): Tree Networks to Assess Financial Contagion.

Ahelegbey, Daniel Felix and Giudici, Paolo and Hadji-Misheva, Branka (2019): Factorial Network Models To Improve P2P Credit Risk Management.

Ahmed, Syed Shujaat (2019): Oil Prices and Exchange Rate with Impact of Pre-Dollar and Post-Dollar Regime Dummies.

Aipoh, Godwin (2019): Comparative analysis of government spending, external debt, domestic credit to private sector, exchange rate and net investment to non-financial companies.

Akhabbar, Amanar (2019): Introduction : Malaise dans la science économique ? Published in:

Aknouche, Abdelhakim and Dimitrakopoulos, Stefanos and Touche, Nassim (2019): Integer-valued stochastic volatility.

Alcay, Alejandro and Escudero, Carlos (2019): Efectos de la renta y los precios en la demanda de alimentos: un análisis para el caso español 1980-2015.

Alda, Erik (2019): Does Size influence Jail Efficiency?: A Metafrontier analyisis of local Jails in the United States.

Aldashev, Alisher (2019): Social Norms, Status Spending and Household Debt: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan.

Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph (2019): Big data analytics and business failures in data-Rich environments: An organizing framework. Forthcoming in: Computers in Industry

Aminu, Alarudeen and Raifu, Isiaka Akande (2019): ICT sector, output and employment generation in Nigeria: Input-output approach.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2019): Правна регламентация на социалната и солидарна икономика и влиянието й върху заетостта. Published in: Правото и бизнесът в съвременното общество: Актуални правни предизвикателства в икономиката , Vol. 1, (2019): pp. 27-36.

Andreeva, Andriyana (2019): Нормативни гаранции за опазване данните от електронните документи в трудовото досие на работника или служителя. Published in: Научни трудове на Съюза на учените в България – Пловдив. Серия A. Обществени науки, изкуство и култура , Vol. V, (2019): pp. 85-88.

Armstrong, Mark and Vickers, John (2019): Discriminating Against Captive Customers.

Arribillaga, Pablo and Bergantiños, Gustavo (2019): Cooperative and axiomatic approaches to the knapsack allocation problem.

Asafo, Shuffield Seyram (2019): Exchange Rate Pass-through to Prices : Bayesian VAR Evidence for Ghana. Forthcoming in:

Asongu, Simplice and Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich and Andrés, Antonio (2019): Business Dynamics, Knowledge Economy, and the Economic Performance of African Countries. Forthcoming in: Information Development

Asongu, Simplice and Kodila-Tedika, Oasis (2019): Intelligence and Slave Exports from Africa. Forthcoming in: Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics

Asongu, Simplice and Nwachukwu, Jacinta and Orim, Stella-Maris and Pyke, Chris (2019): Crime and Social Media. Forthcoming in: Information Technology & People

amr a.bary, amr (2019): SMEs SECTOR : A KEY DRIVER TO THE EGYPTIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Published in: EconStor Direct No. (February 2019): pp. 1-17.


BANGA, RASHMI (2019): CPTPP: Implications for Malaysia’s Merchandise Trade Balance.

BAYALE, Nimonka (2019): Effet de l’aide publique au développement sur la mobilisation des ressources fiscales dans les pays de l’UEMOA.

BIAYE, Abdoulaye and SECK, Massamba Souleymane (2019): La microfinance et la gestion des risques de vulnérabilité par les ménages ruraux au Sénégal.

Bachev, Hrabrin (2019): Multilevel assessment of agrarian sustainability in Bulgaria.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Ivanov, Bodjidar and Toteva, Dessislava (2019): Sustainability of agricultural sub-sectors in Bulgaria.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Koteva, Nina and Mitova, Dilyana and Ivanov, Bojidar and Chopeva, Minka and Sarov, Angel and Toteva, Dessislava and Todorova, Kristina and Yovchevska, Plamena and Kaneva, Krasimira and Aleksandrova, Svetlana and Mitov, Anton (2019): Устойчивост на селското стопанство в България.

Bachev, Hrabrin and Koteva, Nina and Mitova, Dilyana and Ivanov, Bojidar and Chopeva, Minka and Toteva, Dessislava and Sarov, Angel and Sokolova, Emilia and Todorova, Kristina and Mitov, Anton and Vanev, Dimitar (2019): Оценка на устойчивостта на българското селско стопанство.

Baigorri, Bárbara and Ledesma, Ana (2019): Rentas de vivienda y suministros en el hogar: Selección del modelo microeconómico ideal para representar las preferencias del consumidor.

Baldi, Guido and Pons, Martina (2019): The Evolution of Factor Shares: Evidence from Switzerland.

Banfi, Stefano and Choi, Sekyu and Villena-Roldán, Benjamin (2019): Deconstructing Job Search Behavior.

Banfi, Stefano and Choi, Sekyu and Villena-Roldán, Benjamin (2019): Sorting On-line and On-time.

Barge-Gil, Andrés and García-Hiernaux, Alfredo (2019): Staking plans in sports betting under unknown true probabilities of the event.

Barra, Cristian and Boccia, Marinella (2019): “The determinants of students' achievement: a difference between OECD and not OECD countries”.

Barros, Gustavo (2019): Geopolítica do minério de ferro brasileiro no entreguerras.

Bartolucci, Francesco and Pigini, Claudia (2019): Partial effects estimation for fixed-effects logit panel data models.

Bastos, João A. (2019): Forecasting the capacity of mobile networks. Forthcoming in: Telecommunication Systems

Bataa, Erdenebat (2019): Growth and Inflation Regimes in Greater Tumen Initiative Area.

Batabyal, Amitrajeet and Yoo, Seung Jick (2019): Using Utilitarian and Rawlsian Policies to Attract the Creative Class: A Tale of Two Cities.

Baumann, Alexendra and Wohlrabe, Klaus (2019): Publikationen von Wirtschaftsforschungsinstituten im deutschsprachigen Raum - Eine bibliometrische Analyse.

Bell-Aldeghi, Rosalind (2019): Interactions between Social and Topping Up Insurance under ex-post Moral Hazard.

Benner, Maximilian (2019): From overtourism to sustainability: A research agenda for qualitative tourism development in the Adriatic.

Benos, Nikos and Tsiachtsiras, Georgios (2019): Innovation and Income Inequality: World Evidence.

Benyoub, Latifa and Aicha, Aouar and Kharafi, Khadidja (2019): أثر الاستثمار الأجنبي المباشر على نمو القطاع الصناعي بالجزائر.

Benzarour, Choukri and Mekhnache, Aissam (2019): الصناعة التقليدية في الجزائر: تقييم الملائمة الاقتصادية و البيئية في ظل النموذج الاقتصادي الاجتماعي الأخلاقي.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Chamorro, José María and Lorenzo, Leticia and Lorenzo-Freire, Silvia (2019): Mixed rules in multi-issue allocation situations. Published in: Naval Research Logistics No. 65 (2018): pp. 66-77.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Chun, Youngsub and Lee, Eunju and Lorenzo, Leticia (2019): The Folk Rule for Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Problems with Multiple Sources.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Gómez-Rúa, María and Llorca, Natividad and Pulido, Manuel and Sánchez-Soriano, Joaquin (2019): Allocating costs in set covering problems.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Lorenzo, Leticia (2019): How to apply penalties to avoid delays in projects. Forthcoming in: European Journal of Operational Research

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Massó, Jordi and Neme, Alejandro (2019): Individually Rational Rules for the Division Problem when the Number of Units to be Allotted is Endogenous.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Massó, Jordi and Neme, Alejandro (2019): On Societies Choosing Social Outcomes, and their Memberships: Internal Stability and Consistency. Published in: Theory and Decision No. 84 (2018): pp. 83-97.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Navarro, Adriana (2019): Characterization of the painting rule for multi-source minimal cost spanning tree problems.

Bergantiños, Gustavo and Navarro, Adriana (2019): The folk rule through a painting procedure for minimum cost spanning tree problems with multiple sources.

Berliant, Marcus (2019): Commuting and internet traffic congestion.

Berliant, Marcus and Gouveia, Miguel (2019): On the political economy of income taxation.

Bernini, Cristina and Cerqua, Augusto (2019): Do sustainability policies finance local economies?

Besner, Manfred (2019): Parallel axiomatizations of weighted and multiweighted Shapley values, random order values, and the Harsanyi set.

Besner, Manfred (2019): Value dividends, the Harsanyi set and extensions, and the proportional Harsanyi payoff.

Billette de Villemeur, Etienne and Leroux, Justin (2019): Tradable Climate Liabilities: A Thought Experiment.

Billette de Villemeur, Etienne and Pineau, Pierre-Olivier (2019): Frugals, Militants and the Oil Market.

Billette de Villemeur, Etienne and Versaevel, Bruno (2019): One Lab, Two Firms, Many Possibilities: on R&D outsourcing in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Bonga-Bonga, Lumengo and Kinfack, Emilie (2019): The growth effect of trade openness on African countries: evidence from using an Instrumental Variable Panel Smooth Transition Model.

Bouchoucha, Najeh and Ali, Walid (2019): The impact of FDI on economic growth in Tunisia: An estimate by the ARDL approach. Published in:

Boudreaux, Christopher (2019): Do private enterprises outperform state enterprises in an emerging market? The importance of institutional context in entrepreneurship.

Brams, Steven J. and Ismail, Mehmet S. (2019): Farsightedness in Games: Stabilizing Cooperation in International Conflict.

Brañas-Garza, Pablo and Chowdhury, Subhasish and Espín, Antonio M. and Nieboer, Jeroen (2019): ‘Born this Way’? Prenatal Exposure to Testosterone May Determine Behavior in Competition and Conflict.

Brinca, Pedro and Duarte, João B. and Holter, Hans A. and Oliveira, João G. (2019): Investment-Specific Technological Change, Taxation and Inequality in the U.S.

Brinca, Pedro and Oliveira, João and Duarte, João (2019): Investment-Specific Technological Change, Taxation and Inequality in the U.S.

Broere, Mark and Christmann, Robin (2019): Takeovers, Shareholder Litigation, and the Free-riding Problem.

Brunel, Claire and Zylkin, Thomas (2019): Do Cross-border Patents Promote Trade?

Bruni, Franco and Lopez, Claude (2019): Monetary Policy and Financial System Resilience.

Brunnschweiler, Christa and Edjekumhene, Ishmael and Lujala, Päivi (2019): Does information matter? Transparency and demand for accountability in Ghana's natural resource revenue management.

Buccella, Domenico and Fanti, Luciano (2019): Downstream competition and profits under different input price bargaining structures.

Budhi Utomo, Ginanjar and Widodo, Tri (2019): The Environmental Kuznets Curve in ASEAN: The Case of Carbon Emissions.

Bulut, Levent and Rizvanoghlu, Islam (2019): Is Gold a Safe Haven? International Evidence revisited.

Błażejowski, Marcin and Kwiatkowski, Jacek and Gazda, Jakub (2019): Sources of Economic Growth: A Global Perspective. Published in: Sustainability , Vol. 11, No. 1 (8 January 2019): pp. 1-14.


CHAFIK, Omar (2019): Monetary policy in oil exporting countries with fixed exchange rate and open capital account: expectations matter.

Caferra, Rocco and Morone, Andrea (2019): Tax Morale and Perceived Intergenerational Mobility: a Machine Learning Predictive Approach.

Caferra, Rocco and Morone, Andrea and Nuzzo, Simone (2019): The Impact of a Pre-Opening Session on Subsequent Trading: an Experimental Analysis.

Carillo, Maria Rosaria and Lombardo, Vincenzo and Zazzaro, Alberto (2019): The Rise and Fall of Family Firms in the Process of Development.

Cellini, Roberto and Cuccia, Tiziana and Lisi, Domenico (2019): Spatial dependence in museum services: An analysis of the Italian case.

Cellini, Roberto and Lisi, Domenico (2019): Readmission treatment price and product quality in the hospital sector: A note.

Chattopadhyay, Siddhartha (2019): The Neo-Fisherianism to Escape Zero Lower Bound.

Chen, Jiaqi and Lee, Sang-Ho and Muminov, Timur (2019): Time-inconsistent Output Subsidy/Tax Policies in Free-entry Mixed Markets.

Chen, Ping-ho and Chu, Angus C. and Chu, Hsun and Lai, Ching-Chong (2019): Optimal Capital Taxation in an Economy with Innovation-Driven Growth.

Chong, Terence Tai Leung and Kwok, Stanley (2019): The Impact of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on the Effectiveness of Price Limits in the Chinese Stock Market.

Chong, Terence Tai Leung and Wu, Zhang and Liu, Yuchen (2019): Market Reaction to iPhone Rumors.

Chu, Angus C. and Kou, Zonglai and Wang, Xilin (2019): Effects of Patents on the Industrial Revolution.

Cirer-Costa, Joan Carles (2019): Spain's tourism models in the first third of the twentieth century.

Colasante, Annarita and Alfarano, Simone and Camacho-Cuena, Eva (2019): Heuristic Switching Model and Exploration-Explotation Algorithm to describe long-run expectations in LtFEs: a comparison.

Creane, Anthony and Jeitschko, Thomas and Sim, Kyoungbo (2019): Welfare Effects of Certification under Latent Adverse Selection.


Crespo, Nuno and Simoes, Nadia (2019): Publication Performance and Number of Authors – Evidence for World Top Economists.

Csató, László (2019): A note on the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying play-offs.

Czarnocki, Kazimierz and Janulek, Dawid and Olejnik, Łukasz (2019): When stealing, go for millions? Quantitative analysis of white-collar crime sentencing in Poland.


Dalton, John and Logan, Andrew (2019): Teaching and Learning Schumpeter: A Dialogue Between Professor and Student.

Damianov, Damian S and Escobari, Diego (2019): Getting on and moving up the property ladder: Real hedging in the U.S. housing market before and after the crisis. Forthcoming in: Real Estate Economics

Danková, Katarína and Servátka, Maroš (2019): Gender Robustness of Overconfidence and Excess Entry.

Dasih, Kuntari and Widodo, Tri (2019): Indonesia's Commitment to Reducing GHG and Its Impact on the Indonesian Economy: CGE Approach.

De Koning, Kees (2019): After the Great Recession; the Laws of Unintended Consequences.

De Koning, Kees (2019): Conversion Theory II: the case for Recession Bonds.

Debrun, Xavier (2019): Independent Fiscal Institutions in the European Union: Is Coordination Required?

Delis, Manthos and Iosifidi, Maria (2019): Environmentally Aware Households.

Della Giusta, Marina and Clot, Sophie and Di Girolamo, Amalia (2019): Keep Calm and Carry On: Gender differences in Endurance.

Della Giusta, Marina and Clot, Sophie and Razzu, Giovanni (2019): The behavioural foundations of female entrepreneurship: what can experiments teach us?

Deltas, George and Polemis, Michael (2019): Exchange Rate vs Foreign Price Pass-through: Evidence from the European Gasoline Market.

Dhaoui, Iyad (2019): Electronic governance: An overview of opportunities and challenges. Published in:

Dhaoui, Iyad (2019): Good governance for sustainable development. Published in:

Di Paolo, Antonio and Tansel, Aysit (2019): English Skills, Labour Market Status and Earnings of Turkish Women. Forthcoming in: Empirica No. special issue of 2019

Dian Iriani, Latifah and Widodo, Tri (2019): The Implication of B20 Policy on Environment.

Dike, Onyemaechi (2019): Informal employment and work health risks: Evidence from Cambodia.

Dimitrova, Darina (2019): Правомощия на академичния съвет - традиции в българското висше образование. Published in: Научни трудове на Съюза на учените в България – Пловдив. Серия A. Обществени науки, изкуство и култура , Vol. V, (2019): pp. 93-98.

Dimitrova, Darina (2019): Предизвикателства пред висшите училища, свързани с академичното развитие. Published in: Правото и бизнесът в съвременното общество: Актуални правни предизвикателства в икономиката (2019): pp. 349-357.

Dimitrova, Diana (2019): Новите промени в АПК – стъпка към едно по-ефективно административно правораздаване. Published in: Правото и бизнесът в съвременното общество: Актуални правни предизвикателства в икономиката (2019): pp. 413-424.

Donna, Javier and Espin Sanchez, Jose (2019): Let the Punishment Fit the Criminal: Punishment Progressivity in a Self-governed Community in Southeastern Spain.

Duffy, Sean and Gussman, Steven and Smith, John (2019): Judgments of length in the economics laboratory: Are there brains in choice?

Dyasi, Poopy and Phiri, Andrew (2019): A sectoral approach to the electricity-growth nexus in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Dąbrowski, Marek A. and Papież, Monika and Śmiech, Sławomir (2019): Classifying de facto exchange rate regimes of financially open and closed economies: A statistical approach.

d'Agostino, Giorgio and Raitano, Michele and Scarlato, Margherita (2019): Job mobility and heterogeneous returns to apprenticeship training in Italy.

de Santana Ribeiro, Luiz Carlos and Carneiro Rios Lopes, Thiago Henrique and Borges Ferreira Neto, Amir and Rodrigues dos Santos, Fernanda (2019): Spatial spillovers of the cultural employment growth in Brazilian municipalities.


Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros and Kyriazis, Nicholas (2019): Boeotians, Achaeans and Europeans. Can we learn from the ancient Greek federal experience?

Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros and Kyriazis, Nicholas (2019): The emergence of the joint-stock companies in the Dutch Republic and their democratic elements in business.

Elasrag, Hussein (2019): Blockchains for Islamic finance: Obstacles & Challenges.

Eliasson, Jonas and Fosgerau, Mogens (2019): Cost-benefit analysis of transport improvements in the presence of spillovers, matching and an income tax. Forthcoming in: Economics of Transportation

Elkoussa, Hayssam and Williams, John (2019): Managing Small Business Human Resources: An International Approach. Forthcoming in:


Faruk, Avinno (2019): Analysing the glass ceiling and sticky floor effects in Bangladesh: Evidence, extent and elements.

Festus, Gift Emmanuel and Saibu, Muibi Olufemi (2019): Effect of external debt on Nigerian Economy: Further evidences.

Fildes, Robert and Ma, Shaohui and Kolassa, Stephan (2019): Retail forecasting: research and practice.

Fosu, Prince (2019): The Determinants of Economic Growth: The Role of Infrastructure.

Fotso Koyeu, Fourier Prevost and Ningaye, Paul and Talla Fokam, Dieu Ne Dort (2019): How Does Inequality of Opportunities Affect the Distribution of Economic Wellbeing in Cameroon.

Fratini, Saverio M. (2019): Theories of value and ultimate standards in Sraffa's notes of summer 1927.

Frian, Antonio and Mulyani, Fransiska and Joachim, Hansi and Anggreni, Dellia and Effendi, Willy Yanto (2019): Employment Situation of Person with Disabilities: Case Study in Indonesia. Published in: Integrated Journal of Business and Economics , Vol. 3, No. 1 : pp. 93-107.

Friedrich, Thomas (2019): Transfers by force and deception lead to stability in an evolutionary learning process when controlled by net profit but not by turnover.

Frolov, Daniil (2019): Постинституционализм: программа исследований за пределами институционального мейнстрима. Forthcoming in:

Fujii, Hidemichi and Managi, Shunsuke and Kaneko, Shinji (2019): Decomposition analysis of air pollution abatement in China: Empirical study for ten industrial sectors from 1998 to 2009. Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production

Fujii, Hidemichi and Managi, Shunsuke and Kawahara, Hiromitsu (2019): The Pollution Release and Transfer Register System in the U.S. and Japan: An Analysis of Productivity. Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production

Furukawa, Yuichi and Lai, Tat-kei and Sato, Kenji (2019): Love of Novelty: A Source of Innovation-Based Growth... or Underdevelopment Traps?


Gallegati, Mauro and Giammetti, Raffaele and Russo, Alberto (2019): Key sectors in Input-Output Production Networks: an application to Brexit.

Garas, Antonios and Guthmuller, Sophie and Lapatinas, Athanasios (2019): The development of nations conditions the disease space.

Gawlik, Remigiusz (2019): Enhancing Managerial Decision-Making Through Multicriteria Modeling. Published in: Cracow: Cracow University of Economics (2019): pp. 1-158.

Ghazalian, Pascal L. and Mosadegh Sedghy, Bahareh (2019): Changes in Canada’s Preferential Trade Network and the Welfare Effects in Agricultural Markets.

Giammetti, Raffaele (2019): Tariffs, Domestic Import Substitution and Trade Diversion in Input-Output Production Networks: how to deal with Brexit.

Giammetti, Raffaele (2019): Tariffs, Domestic Import Substitution and Trade Diversion in Input-Output Production Networks: how to deal with Brexit.

Gibson, John and Le, Trinh (2019): Using local expert knowledge to measure prices: Evidence from a survey experiment in Vietnam.

Giebe, Thomas and Lee, Miyu (2019): Competitors In Merger Control: Shall They Be Merely Heard Or Also Listened To?

Giuranno, Michele G. and Scrimitore, Marcella and Stamatopoulos, Giorgos (2019): Managerial accountability under yardstick competition.

Goicoechea, Julio (2019): Teoría del valor en Valenzuela Feijóo: Una representación walrasiana de Marx.

González-Val, Rafael and Pueyo, Fernando (2019): Natural resources, economic growth and geography.

Gorecki, Paul (2019): Ownership and control policy of broadcasting services in Ireland: reflections on recent proposals.

Grassetti, Francesca and Mammana, Cristiana and Michetti, Elisabetta (2019): On the interaction between real economy and financial markets.

Gualtieri, Giovanni and Nicolini, Marcella and Sabatini, Fabio and Zamparelli, Luca (2019): Repeated shocks and preferences for redistribution.

Guimarães, Luis and Gil, Pedro (2019): Explaining the labor share: automation vs labor market institutions.


Halkos, George and Tsirivis, Apostolos (2019): Using Value-at-Risk for effective energy portfolio risk management.

Hameed, Shahzad and Wei, Wei and Farrukh, Umer and Mushtaq, Khali (2019): Switching to Hydropower renewable energy to mitigate the effects of the carbon emissions in South and East Asian economies.

Hanappi, Gerhard (2019): From Integrated Capitalism to Disintegrating Capitalism. Scenarios of a Third World War.

Harashima, Taiji (2019): A Pareto Inefficient Path to Steady State in Recession.

Harashima, Taiji (2019): Why Is Executive Compensation So High? A Model of Executive Compensation.

Harin, Alexander (2019): Forbidden zones for the expectations of measurement data and problems of behavioral economics.

Harkat, Tahar (2019): The Impact of Natural Gas Consumption on Industry Value Added in the Mediterranean Region.

Hasan, Iftekhar and Karavitis, Panagiotis and Kazakis, Pantelis and Leung, Woon Sau (2019): Corporate Social Responsibility and Profit Shifting.

Hasan, Zubair (2019): Deficit financing in developing countries: Applications and consequences. Published in: Deficit financing in developing countries: Applications and consequences , Vol. 36, No. No. 1 (March 2019): pp. 9-21.

Hasumi, Ryo and Iiboshi, Hirokuni (2019): A Bayesian Estimation of HANK models with Continuous Time Approach:Comparison between US and Japan.

Hayat, Arshad (2019): Foreign Direct Investment, Institutional Quality and Economic Growth. Published in: The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development No. 1/2019 (2 January 2019): pp. 1-20.

Hayat, Arshad and Tahir, Muhammad (2019): Natural resources volatility and economic growth: evidence from the resource-rich region.

Heller, Yuval and Peleg Lazar, Sharon and Raviv, Alon (2019): Banks Risk Taking and Creditors Bargaining Power.

Hiermeyer, Martin (2019): An Improved IS-LM Model To Explain Quantitative Easing.

Hollenbeck, Brett and Moorthy, Sridhar and Proserpio, Davide (2019): Advertising strategy in the presence of reviews: An empirical analysis.

Hollenbeck, Brett and Taylor, Wayne (2019): Leveraging Loyalty Programs Using Competitor Based Targeting.

Hossain, Md. Mobarak and Chowdhury, Md Niaz Murshed (2019): Econometric Ways to Estimate the Age and Price of Abalone.

Huda, Syamsul and Hakim, Heikal Muhammad Zakaria (2019): Feasibility Study of Company Investment on Public Cigarette Manufacturing Companies. Published in: Integrated Journal of Business and Economics , Vol. 3, No. 1 : pp. 128-139.

Hundt, Christian and Holtermann, Linus and Steeger, Jonas and Bersch, Johannes (2019): Cluster externalities, firm capabilities, and the recessionary shock: How the macro-to-micro-transition shapes firm performance during stable times and times of crisis.

holmes, james (2019): Why do firms incorporate and what difference does it make?


Ibhagui, Oyakhilome (2019): Eurozone Real Output and Covered Interest Parity Deviations: Can Stronger Real Output Lessen the Deviations?

Ibhagui, Oyakhilome (2019): Wider Covered Interest Parity Deviations and Lower Stock Returns: Evidence from the Eurozone.

Ichwan, A’bdul Fatach and Nursyamsiah, Siti (2019): The Effect of Responsive and Proactive Market Orientation on Product Innovation and Company Performance: A Case Study on MSMEs in the Culinary Field in D.I. Yogyakarta. Published in: Integrated Journal of Business and Economics , Vol. 3, No. 1 : pp. 32-42.

Iiboshi, Hirokuni and Iwata, Yasuharu and Kajita, Yuto and Soma, Naoto (2019): Time-varying Fiscal Multipliers Identified by Systematic Component: A Bayesian Approach to TVP-SVAR model.

Iqbal, Saira and Siddiqui, Dr. Danish Ahmed (2019): The impact of deceptive advertising on Customer loyalty: A case of Telecommunication industry in Karachi, Pakistan.

Išoraitė, Margarita (2019): The Importance of Education in Peace Marketing. Published in: Integrated Journal of Business and Economics , Vol. 3, No. 1 : pp. 43-51.


Jael, Paul (2019): Does Marginal Productivity Mean Anything in Real Economic Life ?

Jakhotiya, Girish (2019): A critical evaluation of the economics of Indian automobile industry.

Javdani, Moshen and Chang, Ha-Joon (2019): Who Said or What Said? Estimating Ideological Bias in Views Among Economists.

Jayasooriya, Sujith (2019): Experiential EKC: Trade Openness for Optimal CO2 Emission in SAARC Region.

Jha, Saakshi and Sahu, Sohini and Chattopadhyay, Siddhartha (2019): Epidemiology of Inflation Expectations and Internet Search- An Analysis for India.

Jin, Gu and Zhu, Tao (2019): Debasements and Small Coins: An Untold Story of Commodity Money.

Junita, Imelda (2019): Transformational Leadership in Digital Era: Analysis of Nadiem Makarim (Founder of GO-JEK Indonesia) Leadership Figure. Published in: Integrated Journal of Business and Economics , Vol. 3, No. 1 : pp. 80-92.



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