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-, Dr R. RAVIKUMAR (2016): An Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Decision to Adopt Precision Methods of Farming in Tamil Nadu, India.

-, Dr S Saravanan and -, Dr V Mohanasundaram (2016): Development and Adoption of Bt Cotton in India : Economic, Environmental and Health Issues.

-, Dr S Saravanan and -, Dr V Mohanasundaram (2016): Development and Adoption of Bt Cotton in India : Economic, Environmental and Health Issues.


ALTINAY, Galip (2016): A Simple Class of Measures of Skewness.

AYODOTUN, Ayorinde and FARAYIBI, Adesoji (2016): An Empirical Analysis of the Structure of Imports in Sub-Sahara Africa.

AYODOTUN, Ayorinde and FARAYIBI, Adesoji (2016): Modelling the Determinants of Import Demand in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Abarahan, Amnisuhailah Binti and Masih, Mansur (2016): Is energy a stimulus for economic growth? A focused study on Malaysia using the auto regressive distributed lag technique.

Abasov, Muzaffar (2016): Citrus Fruit Industry of Azerbaijan after Manat’s Devaluation.

Abdala Rioja, Yamile E (2016): Cash-Only Real Estate Transactions and Property Prices in San Francisco, California.

Abdel-Rahman, Alaa (2016): Linking education to employment:how to establish a successful and uninterrupted connection.

Abdullah, Azrul and Ku Ismail, Ku Nor Izah (2016): The Effectiveness of Risk Management Committee and Hedge Accounting Practices in Malaysia. Published in: Information Journal , Vol. 7B, No. 19 (2016): pp. 2971-2976.

Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2016): Bias Correction Methods for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects.

Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2016): Bias Correction Methods for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects. Published in: MJ Journal on Statistics and Probability , Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2016): pp. 37-51.

Abonazel, Mohamed R. (2016): Generalized Random Coefficient Estimators of Panel Data Models: Asymptotic and Small Sample Properties. Published in: American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics , Vol. 4, No. 2 (June 2016): pp. 46-58.

Abramovich, Albina (2016): Ценообразование жилой недвижимости в г. Омске. Published in: NovaInfo , Vol. 4, No. 45-1 (4 May 2016)

Abueg, Luisito (2016): A historical walkthrough with L’Hospital, from indeterminates to applied problems in mathematics.

Accolley, Delali (2016): Accounting for Business Cycles in Canada: I. The Role of Supply-Side Factors.

Accolley, Delali (2016): Physical and Human Capital over the Business Cycle.

Acharya, Viral and Anginer, Deniz and Warburton, Joe (2016): The End of Market Discipline? Investor Expectations of Implicit Government Guarantees.

Acheampong, Theophilus (2016): The Implications of Changing Power Generation Mix on Energy Pricing and Security in Ghana. Published in: Energy Ghana Magazine No. Quarterly Issue 2 (4 August 2016): pp. 27-31.

Acikgoz, Omer and Kahn, James (2016): A Quantitative Model of "Too Big to Fail,"' House Prices, and the Financial Crisis.

Ackah, Ishmael (2016): Does bad company corrupts good character? A spatial econometric analysis of oil resource management in Africa.

Ackah, Ishmael (2016): Sacrificing Cereals for Crude: Has oil discovery slowed agriculture growth in Ghana?

Ackah, Ishmael and TETTEH, ELIZABETH NARKIE (2016): Determinants of autogas demand among Taxi Drivers in rural Ghana.

Ackermann, Jeff (2016): The Effect of Franchising on Store Performance: Evidence from an Ownership Change.

Adam, Antonis and Karanatsis, Konstas (2016): Sovereign Defaults and Political Regime Transitions.

Adams-Kane, Jonathon and Lopez, Claude and Wilhelmus, Jakob (2016): 2016 Global Opportunity Index.

Adams-Kane, Jonathon and Lopez, Claude and Wilhelmus, Jakob (2016): Cross-Border Investment in Europe: From Macro to Financial Data.

Adnan ul, Haque and John, Aston (2016): A Relationship Between Occupational Stress and Organisational Commitment of I.T Sector's Employees in Contrasting economies. Published in: Polish Journal of Management Studies , Vol. 14, No. 1 (29 December 2016): pp. 95-105.

Adom, Philip Kofi (2016): The DDT Effect: The case of Economic Growth, Public Debt and Democracy Relationship.

Adom, Philip Kofi (2016): Electricity Supply and System losses in Ghana. What is the red line? Have we crossed over?

Adu, Kofi Osei and Amponsah, Stephen and Osei, Afia Asantewaa (2016): Factors influencing participation in illegal mining in Ghana: A case of Denkyira Corridor.

Adusei Poku, Eugene and Broni-Pinkrah, Samuel and Effah Nyamekye, Gabriel (2016): Modelling and assessment of the effect of income on service exports in Ghana.

Afonso, Sérgio (2016): A More Precise Approach to Fiscal Consolidation and Sustainability.

Afzal, Muhammad and Ahmed, Tanvir and Ahmed, Gulzar (2016): Empirical Assessment of Climate Change on Major Agricultural Crops of Punjab, Pakistan.

Agostino, Mariarosaria and Nifo, Annamaria and Trivieri, Francesco and Vecchione, Gaetano (2016): Total factor productivity heterogeneity: channelling the impact of institutions. Forthcoming in:

Aguiar, Victor and Pongou, Roland and Tondji, Jean-Baptiste (2016): Measuring and decomposing the distance to the Shapley wage function with limited data. Forthcoming in:

Ahad, Muhammad (2016): Does Tourism-led Growth Hypothesis Exist in Pakistan? A Fresh look from Combine Cointegration and Causality Approach with Structural Breaks. Published in: International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research , Vol. 4, No. 2 (February 2016): pp. 94-111.

Ahad, Muhammad (2016): A Dynamic Relationship Between Financial Development and Import Demand for Bangladesh: An Evidence from Combine Cointegration and Granger Causality approach. Forthcoming in: Global Business Review , Vol. 19, No. 4 (July 2018)

Ahad, Muhammad (2016): Nexus Between Income Inequality, Crime, Inflation and Poverty: New Evidence from Structural Breaks for Pakistan. Published in: International Journal of Economics and Empirical Research , Vol. 4, No. 3 (March 2016): pp. 133-145.

Ahad, Muhammad and Khan, Wali (2016): Does Globalization Impede Environmental Quality in Bangladesh? The Role of Real Economic Activities and Energy Use. Published in: Bulletin of Energy Economics , Vol. 4, No. 3 (2016): pp. 258-279.

Ahmad, Khalil and Ali, Amjad (2016): Rising Population and Food Insecurity Linkages in Pakistan: Testing Malthusian Population Growth Theory.

Ahmad, Mahyudin (2016): Middle income trap and income inequality: Empirical evidence on the distributional effect of economic liberalization and political regime.

Ahmad, Zaheer Ahmad and Khan, Jangraiz (2016): An Analysis of the Causes and Consequences of Unemployment in District Peshawar. Published in: JOSSH , Vol. 1, No. 1 (2016)

Ahmadian, Peyman and Jalilzadeh, Afshin (2016): Top down strategy for renewable energy investment: sizing methodologies and Integrated Renewable Energy System models.

Ahmed, Khalid and Shahbaz, Muhammad and Kyophilavong, Phouphet (2016): Revisiting the emissions-energy-trade nexus: Evidence from the newly industrializing.

Ahmed, Khalid and Ur Rehman, Mujeeb and Ozturk, Ilhan (2016): What drives carbon dioxide emissions in the long-run? Evidence from selected South Asian Countries.

Ahmed, Ovais and Mashkoor, Aasim (2016): Corruption & Public Finance Project Selection; Its Impact On the Economy: A Case Study of Pakistan.

Ahmed, Ovais and Mashkoor, Aasim (2016): Corruption and Modes of Project Evaluation in Pakistan.

Ahmed, Ovais and Mashkoor, Aasim (2016): Ecological warfare against Pakistan from India Water War Results in a Devastated Ecological issues in Pakistan.

Ahmed, Ovais and Mashkoor, Aasim (2016): The wrong impact of Fiscal Imbalance on economic growth and Monetary Policy consequences (A case of Pakistan).

Ahmed, Ovais and Mashkoor, Aasim and Ghumroo, Tasleem (2016): The Indian water offenses on defenseless Pakistan Unfolding Indian strategy and its impact.

Ahmed, Syed Shujaat and Nazir, Sidra (2016): Oil Prices and REER with Impact of Regime Dummies.

Ahmed, Wasim and Hussain, Safdar and Jafar, Rana Muhammad Sohail and Guang-Ju, Wang and Rabnawaz, Ambar and Saqib, Zulkaif Ahmed and JianZhou, Yang (2016): Impacts of Trade Liberalization on Dairy Industry in China. Published in: European Journal of Business and Management , Vol. 8, No. 7 (March 2016): pp. 36-47.

Ahn, Thomas and Yelowitz, Aaron (2016): Paid Sick Leave and Absenteeism: The First Evidence from the U.S.

Ahsan, Zainab Fida and Masih, Mansur (2016): Exploring the nexus between income inequality and financial indicators: endemic to the Indian economy?

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Creating Innovators through setting up organizational Vision, Mission, and Core Values : a Strategic Model in Higher Education. Published in: International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering (IJMIE) , Vol. 6, No. 1 (January 2016): pp. 310-324.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): How to Increase Research Productivity in Higher Educational Institutions –SIMS Model. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 01, No. 01 (3 June 2016): pp. 447-458.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Innovations in Experimental Learning – A Study of World Top Business Schools. Published in: Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 01, No. 01 (3 June 2016): pp. 360-375.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Innovations in Student Centric Learning – A Study of Top Business Schools in India. Published in: International Journal of Engineering Research and Modern Education (IJERME) ISSN (Online): 2455 - 4200 , Vol. 1, No. 1 (4 June 2016): pp. 298-306.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): A Review on Advanced Security Solutions in Online Banking Models. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 01, No. 01 (4 June 2016): pp. 421-429.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Review on Various Ideal System Models Used to Improve the Characteristics of Practical Systems. Published in: International Journal of Applied and Advanced Scientific Research, ISSN (Online) , Vol. 1, No. 1 (9 October 2016): pp. 47-56.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Student Centric Curriculum Design and Implementation – Challenges & Opportunities in Business Management & IT Education. Published in: IRA International Journal of Education and Multidisciplinary Studies (ISSN 2455–2526) , Vol. 4, No. 3 (8 October 2016): pp. 423-437.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Study of Annual Research Productivity in Indian Top Business Schools. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 01, No. 01 (4 June 2016): pp. 402-414.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): Study on Research Productivity in World Top Business Schools.

Aithal, Sreeramana (2016): The concept of Ideal Strategy and its realization using White Ocean Mixed Strategy. Published in: International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research (IJMSBR) , Vol. 5, No. 4 (April 2016): pp. 171-179.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Acharya, Radhakrishna (2016): Strategic Management Models & Indian Epics. Published in: Strategic Management Models & Indian Epics , Vol. 5, No. 4 (April 2016): pp. 180-188.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Acharya, Sridhar (2016): Impact of Green Energy on Global Warming - A Changing Scenario. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2016): pp. 838-842.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Aithal, Shubhrajyotsna (2016): Business Strategy for Nanotechnology based Products and Services. Published in: International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research (IJMSBR) , Vol. 5, No. 4 (April 2016): pp. 139-149.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Aithal, Shubhrajyotsna (2016): Nanotechnology Innovations and Commercialization – Opportunities, Challenges & Reasons for Delay.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Aithal, Shubhrajyotsna (2016): Opportunities & Challenges for Green Technology in 21st Century. Published in: International Journal of Current Research and Modern Education (IJCRME) , Vol. 1, No. 1 (9 September 2016): pp. 818-828.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Aithal, Shubrajyotsna (2016): Student Centric Learning Through Planned Hard work - An Innovative Model. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 1, No. 1 (8 September 2016): pp. 886-898.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Jeevan, Preethi (2016): How Service Industries can Transform themselves into Green Business Industries. Published in: International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research (IJMSBR) , Vol. 5, No. 4 (April 2016): pp. 150-158.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): ABC Model of Research Productivity and Higher Educational Institutional Ranking.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Academic Support through Information System : Srinivas Integrated Model. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 01, No. 01 (4 June 2016): pp. 376-384.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Analysis of Choice Based Credit System in Higher Education. Published in: International Journal of Engineering Research and Modern Education (IJERME) ISSN (Online): 2455 - 4200 , Vol. 1, No. 1 (3 June 2016): pp. 278-284.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Comparative Analysis of Theory X, Theory Y, Theory Z, and Theory A for Managing People and Performance. Published in: International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education (IJSRME) ISSN (Online): 2455 – 5630 , Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2016): pp. 803-812.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Concept of Ideal Banking and Realization of it using Ubiquitous Banking.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Maintaining Teacher Quality in Higher Education Institutions.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Organizational Behaviour in 21st Century – ‘Theory A’ for Managing People for Performance.

Aithal, Sreeramana and P. M., Suresh Kumar (2016): Theory A for Optimizing Human Productivity. Published in: IRA-International Journal of Management & Social Sciences (ISSN 2455-2267) , Vol. 4, No. 3 (29 September 2016): pp. 526-535.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Shenoy, Varun (2016): Changing Approaches in Campus Placements: A New Futuristic Model.

Aithal, Sreeramana and Shenoy, Varun (2016): Green Placement – An Innovative Concept & Strategy in Campus Placement Model. Published in: IRA-International Journal of Technology & Engineering ISSN 2455-4480 , Vol. 4, No. 3 (7 October 2016): pp. 151-163.

Aithal, Sreeramana and V. T., Shailashree and P. M., Suresh Kumar (2016): Analysis of ABC Model of Annual Research Productivity using ABCD Framework. Published in: International Journal of Current Research and Modern Education (IJCRME) , Vol. 1, No. 1 (9 September 2016): pp. 846-858.

Aithal, Sreeramana and V.T., Shailashree and Kumar, Suresh (2016): Application of ABCD Analysis Framework on Private University System in India. Published in: International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research (IJMSBR) , Vol. 5, No. 4 (April 2016): pp. 159-170.

Akama, Erick (2016): International tourism receipts and economic growth in Kenya 1980 -2013.

Akamatsu, Takashi and Fujishima, Shota and Takayama, Yuki (2016): Discrete-Space Agglomeration Model with Social Interactions: Multiplicity, Stability, and Continuous Limit of Equilibria.

Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude and Kugler, Adriana D. (2016): Intergenerational Persistence of Health in the U.S.: Do Immigrants Get Healthier as they Assimilate? Published in:

Aknouche, Abdelhakim and Al-Eid, Eid and Demouche, Nacer (2016): Generalized quasi-maximum likelihood inference for periodic conditionally heteroskedastic models.

Aknouche, Abdelhakim and Bendjeddou, Sara (2016): Negative binomial quasi-likelihood inference for general integer-valued time series models.

Al-Jarhi, Mabid (2016): The Islamic Political System: A Basic Value Approach.

Al-Jarhi, Mabid (2016): The Nature of Money in Modern Economy – Implications and Consequences. Published in: JKAU: Islamic Econ , Vol. 29, No. No. 2, pp: 75-79 (July 2016) (July 2016): pp. 75-79.

Al-Jarhi, Mabid (2016): An economic theory of Islamic finance.

Alberto, Gabriele (2016): Lessons from enterprise reforms in China and Vietnam.

Alcalde, Pilar and Vial, Bernardita (2016): Willingness to Pay for Firm Reputation: Paying for Risk Rating in the Annuity Market.

Alcouffe, Simon and Galy, Nadine and Gaté, Loïc (2016): Une méta-analyse qualitative de la littérature sur les déterminants de l'adoption de l'activity-based costing.

Aldanondo, Ana M. and Casasnovas, Valero L. (2016): A note on the impact of multiple input aggregators in technical efficiency estimation.

Aldanondo, Ana M. and Casasnovas, Valero L. and Almansa, M. Carmen (2016): Cost-constrained measures of environmental efficiency: a material balance approach.

Alderighi, Marco and Gaggero, Alberto A and Piga, Claudio A (2016): The hidden side of dynamic pricing in airline markets.

Alghalith, Moawia and Guo, Xu and Wong, Wing-Keung and Zhu, Lixing (2016): A General Optimal Investment Model in the Presence of Background Risk.

Ali, Amjad (2016): Issue of Income Inequality under the perceptive of Macroeconomic Instability: An Empirical Analysis of Pakistan.

Ali, Amjad and Ahmad, Farooq and Ur- Rahman, Fazal (2016): Impact of Government Borrowing on Financial Development (A case study of Pakistan).

Ali, Amjad and Audi, Marc (2016): The Impact of Income Inequality, Environmental Degradation and Globalization on Life Expectancy in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis.

Ali, Amjad and Bibi, Chan (2016): Determinants of Social Progress and its Scenarios under the role of Macroeconomic Instability: Empirics from Pakistan.

Ali, Faran and Mamoon, Dawood and Tahir, Naveed (2016): Appropriate Exchange Rate Regime for economic structure of Pakistan.

Ali, Hakim and Masih, Mansur (2016): Evidence of cross-country portfolio diversification benefits: The case of Saudi Arabia.

Ali, Mazhar (2016): Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness of Creative Television Advertisements for High Involvement Products. Published in: PAKISTAN BUSINESS REVIEW (January 2016)

Ali, Wajid and Munir, Kashif (2016): Testing Wagner versus Keynesian Hypothesis for Pakistan: The Role of Aggregate and Disaggregate Expenditure.

Alpek B., Levente and Tésits, Róbert and Bokor, László (2016): Group-specific analysis of commuting in the most disadvantaged areas of Hungary. Published in: Regional Statistics , Vol. 6, No. 1 (October 2016): pp. 54-81.

Alsayyed, Nidal and Zhu, Weihang (2016): Nationwide Sustainable Financing Model Structure for Entrepreneurial Solar Photovoltaic Projects. Forthcoming in: Journal of Business , Vol. 6th, No. 120 (19 September 2016): pp. 7-21.

Alsayyed, Nidal and Zhu, Weihang (2016): Neural Network Models of Regulating Natural Capital Funds for Renewable Energy. Forthcoming in: International Business , Vol. 2, No. 13 (17 August 2016): pp. 13-29.

Alsayyed, Nidal and Zhu, Weihang (2016): A Preliminary Model of Regulating Natural Capital Funds for Renewable Energy. Forthcoming in: Proceedings of the 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Journal , Vol. 1, No. 1021/2016 (24 March 2016): pp. 19-29.

Alsayyed, Nidal and Zhu, Weihang (2016): Regulatory islanding parameters in battery based solar PV for electricity system resiliency. Published in: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SUSTAINABLE ENERGY , Vol. 6th, No. 2 (16 September 0009): pp. 30-41.

Aluculesei, Alina-Cerasela (2016): Online tourism in Romania in the context of globalization - study concerning the presence of the travel agencys on the internet. Published in: Junior Scientific Researcher , Vol. 2, No. 2 (November 2016): pp. 38-50.

Alvarez, Francisco and André, Francisco J. and Mazón, Cristina (2016): Assigning pollution permits: are uniform auctions efficient?

Alvi, Mohsin (2016): A Manual for Selecting Sampling Techniques in Research.

Alvi, Mohsin (2016): Offshore Outsourcing: A positive perspective from U.S. region.

Alvi, Mohsin and Ikram, Midra and Mirza, Mohammad Haris and Khan, M. Mubashir Q. (2016): The Perception of People Regarding Selection of Petrol Pump in Karachi. Published in: Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) , Vol. 2, No. 7 (9 June 2016): pp. 380-382.

Alvi, Mohsin and Mirza, Mohammad Haris and Khan, M. Mubashir Q. and Aqeel, Beenish and Ikram, Midra (2016): Analyzing the Factors for Creating Competition among Products. Published in: Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) , Vol. 2, No. 7 (9 June 2016): pp. 383-386.

Alvi, Mohsin and Naz, Farah and Khan, M. Mubashir Q. and Mirza, Mohammad Haris and Ikram, Midra and Bux, Ameer (2016): Analyzing the Pattern of Smoker in Karachi. Published in: Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR) , Vol. 2, No. 7 (9 June 2016): pp. 387-389.

Amankwah-Amoah, Joseph and Ifere, Simeon and Nyuur, Richard (2016): Human capital and strategic persistence: An examination of underperforming workers in two emerging economies. Forthcoming in: Journal of Business Research (2016): pp. 1-36.

Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich (2016): The 'Common Goood' in Pope Francis's Social Welfare Hypothesis.

Amaya Muñoz, Wilson Enrique and Barón Ortegón, Brayan Alexander and Páramo Herrera, Isis Catalina (2016): The role of innovation transfer mechanisms in economic development: perspectives and legal approach. Published in: Revista Justicia y Derecho , Vol. 3, (December 2015): pp. 7-16.

Ambrosino, Angela and Gigante, Anna Azzurra (2016): “Economics meets the other sciences: interpreting new economic programs and proposing new theories for Institutional Cognitive Economics”.

Ameer, Ayesha and Munir, Kashif (2016): Effect of Economic Growth, Trade Openness, Urbanization, and Technology on Environment of Selected Asian Countries.

Ametoglo, Muriel Eyram Silo and Guo, Ping (2016): Inequality, poverty and inclusive growth in TOGO: An Assessment of the Survey Data. Published in: Journal of Poverty, Investment and Development , Vol. 29, (31 October 2016): pp. 42-51.

Amjad, Rashid and Awais, Namra (2016): Pakistan's productivity performance and TFP trends 1980-2015: Cause for real concern. Forthcoming in: Lahore Journal of Economics , Vol. 21, No. Special Issue 21: SE (September 2016): pp. 33-63 : pp. 33-63.

Ammari, Aymen and Bouteska, Ahmed and Regaieg, Boutheina (2016): CEO Entrenchment and Performance: New Evidence Using Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis.

Amponsah, Lawrence (2016): Modelling the effect of public investment on agricultural productivity in Ghana.

Anastasiou, Dimitrios (2016): Management and Resolution methods of Non-performing loans: A Review of the Literature.

Anastasopoulos, Lefteris (2016): Estimating the gender penalty in House of Representative elections using a regression discontinuity design. Published in: Electoral Studies

Anbarci, Nejat and Dutu, Richard and Sun, Ching-jen (2016): On the Timing of Production Decisions in Monetary Economies.

Andrés, Antonio R. and Amavilah, Voxi and Asongu, Simplice A (2016): Linkages between Formal Institutions, ICT Adoption and Inclusive Human Development in Sub Saharan Africa. Forthcoming in: Catalyzing Development through ICT Adoption. The Developing World Experience

Angela, Cipollone and Paolo E., Giordani (2016): When Entrepreneurs Meet Financiers: Evidence from the Business Angel Market.

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Aquilante, Tommaso and Maretto, Guido (2016): Cooperation in Criminal Markets.

Araujo, Luiz Nelson (2016): Dissemination of Information by the Federal Reserve System: An Overview and Benchmark.

Arendain, Jonathan and Murcia, John Vianne (2016): Facebook Addiction and Aggression: Is There a Profound Relation?

Arfaoui, Mongi and Ben Rejeb, Aymen (2016): Oil, Gold, US dollar and Stock market interdependencies: A global analytical insight.

Armstrong, Mark (2016): Ordered Consumer Search.

Armstrong, Mark and Vickers, John (2016): Multiproduct Pricing Made Simple.

Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof and Wendner, Ronald (2016): Redistribution through Charity and Optimal Taxation when People are Concerned with Social Status.

Arora, Mohit (2016): Changing Rules of the Game of Global Finance: Glimpses from a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Episode.

Arora, Vipin (2016): Credit and Oil Consumption.

Arshad, Sumera and Ali, Amjad (2016): Trade-off between Inflation, Interest and Unemployment Rate of Pakistan: Revisited.

Asadov, Alam and Masih, Mansur (2016): Home financing loans and their relationship to real estate bubble: An analysis of the U.S. mortgage market.

Asamoah, Lawrence Adu (2016): Fiscal Policy and Lending Rate Nexus in Ghana.

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